Home sick after 1,5 years

Kelwan 409Once again home sickness hit me more badly than ever. I have been standing in a crossroad.
After arriving 2011 my home sickness has hit me at least once a year. Either for semester or studies. The thing is in India I have my families and friends and on top of the culture.
Right now, I am stuck in a bad home sickness and feeling it is time to travel back and meet my families. There is a big BUT, college is over on January and hopefully I will be back home which mean I have to wait for 4 more month to meet them. May be Bollywood is not the greatest thing to see while being home sick…
I love you so much.

Say what

I might have not done the best decsion yesterday. Even yesterday I was kind of low, or a lot. My body was cold and I think I drank 5 cups of tea with honey. Yes I beleive tea and honey helps, it must. Even when I felt very cold and low with energy my body called me to go to the gym. So, the only option I had was to go to the gym and did a easy work out. A power walk for 40 min, to get the energy out of my body. The machine was moved up and down while I did my power walk (not a good sign). Also, when I came back home I could not fall alseep before 11:30-00 pm… What is wrong?

Moreover, today I am feeling much better all becuase of tea, honey and the gym. Also today I think I can visit my parents after college to get some proper food. It is a nightmare to cook dinner and lunch while being sick. My dinner did not turn out that good (too much chilli).