Good help

I am not lazy about reading books. I love to read but there is a mjaor difference between readying for fun and reading for studies.

The reading part for studies are much more heavy. I have almost no energy to start to read and when I am reading I can only read very few pages. So, I am really thankful to have e-books, to be able to follow in the book and hear someone else read. While on my spare time I do not have any e-books.
The thing is in my own oppinion to use a e-book is somehow easier and less effert and I want to be able to say I read this book instead of I isten on this book. In the end, I should listen on books, but it make me feel lazy and why should I not read like many other?


Do you dear to try?

The clock is after 11 pm and I am not tired… Or I was deadly tired at 8 pm but instead of going to bed I went to the gym. Well, may be it was not the best idea, however it feels so good to be there. To forget everything and relax. The freedom of getting away.

Tomorrows plan is to do a homework and at 11 am is a very important meeting about my dyslexia. Time to get ready and read a book and pack my bag for tomorrows activites. Also, I have to study a lot.


The freedom at Gröna Lund.

Only if I was not that scared

The feeling to see some people have for the work they do. They ahve this energy around them, either they are empolyed or entrepreneurs. The people how love the job have the special thing around them.
For example, I love Klovsjo village not only because of the nature and the ski center. They have a living entrepreneur culture. People have the faith to become entrepreneurs.
The first time we were in Klovsjo, there was only a village with a ski center. If anyone wanted to eat out the person needed to travel to Vemdalen, Asarna and other villages.
But than from no way two guys open up dairy, pour joy to eat the cheese.
Than after some more years Klovsjo got a bakery with really good bread. Klovsjo have had a half time brewery, but the own of the brewey has it has a full time job and own a restaurant. People in Klovsjo believs in the future and they have got the spirt.

The owner of the brewery, on the photo is telling us about the different beer he has. Well, my family love his beer. He does not sell to systembolaget which mean, it is a bit tricky to buy his beer anywhere else than up in the north. But I can understand why someone does not want to sell to systembolaget.

Diwali festival is booked

How can I miss the Diwali festival when I am in Sweden? May be it is more right to say, I can not miss the festival. It is the biggest festival in India and also for the Swedish- Indian society’s biggest fest, the fest is on 24th of October. I love the festival it is very nice to attened the celebration. During the festival there are a lot of preformance dance and music, good food, nice people on top of everything, it is okay to talk about India! fes

There is time time left to registrate for the festival celebration on Sweden-Indian website. Well, I can only say I love the festival in India and Sweden. I just love this colorful happy festival. I hope we will meet there.

Have a look on Swedish Indian societ website.

Country side

This first time I saw indian country side… Some part from my first visit in India is still with me, most of my memories are feelings of joy. However, there were part of my visit which were major wake up calls, such as bing in the country side. In almost all the villages we passed by we could see the men under a tree or a roof and talk or lazy away an other day. To sit under a tree or a roof for the whole day, was something new for me. Everything during that year was new.

I wish I could travel back to India again to meet my friends and families. What I miss is the conection people have, the collective. That the family is a and o. While in Sweden we are very much into being indpended which is good. Everyone has to, at lest for a year stay alone to learn how to take care of yourself.

Who want?


This desserts is from Klövsjö, the local restaurant with local cheese. Perfect for the cheese lover. I was really weak for cheese before, but now I can not eat a lot cheese. Now, I can not this much cheese and a half cheese maybe.

I want to work

I have not been working for a months because I need to study for GMAT and law. My plan was to just to study and focus on GMAT. However, after a month without a job and only studies are not that fun. I miss my job, I think it was one of the best places I have worked at. We were really good team. Right now, I am not sure if I made right decission with work and studies. So many thoughts are in my head and questions without any answers yet.

Time to keep on study law and at 5-6 pm a bodybalance shift is badly requested from my body because of all the sitting my back is not my best friend right now.


I had such a dark hair before… The dark hair made my eye pop out more than my current hair color. The best part was, I had less than 30 hours between my flights from Canada to India. So, during my very few hours in Sweden, my dad helped me to color my hair dark at home. What a time we had!

Are you kidding with me

Last night was horrible, I have not felt anything like this before.
From 10:30 pm to 4 am I was awake. Everytime i tried to fall alseep my mind started to processing about what I want to do and where. With that mind it is really hard to relax and fall asleep. Instead the mind made me stressed up and not at all tired.
At 3 am I thoguht I shoudl may be go to the gym, but I did not want to leave my bed… Instead I heard the news paper arrived and my hunger build up very fast. Till the end, my mind could not make me more stressed up even thou it tried I slept heavly after 4.

The alarm clock started 6 am and since than I have been up and feeling good. Not to tired but I am waiting for the bomb to come and hit me hard.

Time to go

Last evening was really nice. I would love to meet them again and very soon.
I have three options and I do not know which one is the best one. So many things I have to think about and at the same time there is nothing to think about. If I try to plan too much in the end nothing is going to be how I hoped. So many things are changing.
Is it time to do what is easiet and do what is ecpected? I do not know, I am as lost as I was for 3,5 years ago when I needed to decied what I wanted to study at university. Now, I ahve to decide what I want to study AGAIN and WHERE! IMG_2520

Time to say good bye

Today has been kind of good day, I have been studying a lot. But I thought I would ahve been done with more pages till now… But, what to do, I do not have any options than keep on studying.
But, yesterday my aunt from Canada invited ud over to have dinner today at my grandparents house. This is the last time we will meet till next time we meet, but next time is such a unsure time frame. In basic form, we do not know the next time.
So, later today I have go and say good bye, I really hate this part of a visit to say good bye…