Do not forget

The yearly Diwali festival last day for registration is on the 7th of October.

Mostly the fest is at a hotel in Stockholm, with live music, dance preforamnces, food and lottery with amazing things to win. THe festival has grown a lot and more and more people are attending to celebrate Diwali. I am really excited to attend the festival. Really, loving it.

I am hoping my dress will be done before the 24th but I am not sure. The dress is being made in India and than I have to get it here with UPS. The dress is made by my good friend who is a designer and a great one.


My dress is the right one, so amazing.

In college after a long weekend

I am really proud of me. The reason is simple, I went to college to study the whole day and we do not have any classes. So I took my computer, law book, food box with me to college at 7 am and here I am in college and studying.
Last saturday, I went to my friend birthday party. Which was really nice, because I met some old high schools friends who I have lost contact with. Well, when the party group went out to a pub in Gamla Stan my round was to a smaller pub in Södermalm. The pub plaid older music and a bit too loud. At the pub I met so many exchange students! So most likely all the exchange students are hanging out in different pubs in Södermalm. But why in Södermalm? I do not know…