already started with planing

I am going to India in January and it is more than 3 months left. Due to my excitment to go back home I have already started to think what to bring with me. I am planing to bring kurta (best clothes every), dresses, tops, high heels. A lot more.

I know for sure I am going out either in Mumbai or Pune or may be in both cities. I have never been out in Mumbai (it is a must to go out and clubbing in Mumbai). Last weekend my friend ahd her birthday party and I had this red dress for the first time after years. Last time I had this dress was in 2012 and due to my weight lost the dress was one size too big.

However, I manage to fix the one size to big and the dress was looking good on me. Therefore this dress is so going with me to India, this dress and I think a par of black high heels. You see, I am so excited to go back home and meet my friends and families. It is so crazy.


My sister is getting married

In January the weekend before I am arriving in India my sister is getting married. The worst part is I can not attened the wedding due to final exams.
My sister had send me pictures on her sarees, she is going to wear 4 difference sarees all with yellow due to somesort of traditional reasons. I have so much to learn from Indian culutre.
However, the photos on her sarees are beautiful. Indians sarees are extremly beautiful and indian women are beautiful therefore everything becomes duble beautiful. I am so happy for her she is going to be the most beautiful bride ever!

Is it possible for me to get a saree like that? I am in love with this sarees it is soo soo beautiful the pink/red and gold!
My culture is so dull, white dress for marrage. Colors are so much more fun.
What do you prefere color or white?