already started with planing

I am going to India in January and it is more than 3 months left. Due to my excitment to go back home I have already started to think what to bring with me. I am planing to bring kurta (best clothes every), dresses, tops, high heels. A lot more.

I know for sure I am going out either in Mumbai or Pune or may be in both cities. I have never been out in Mumbai (it is a must to go out and clubbing in Mumbai). Last weekend my friend ahd her birthday party and I had this red dress for the first time after years. Last time I had this dress was in 2012 and due to my weight lost the dress was one size too big.

However, I manage to fix the one size to big and the dress was looking good on me. Therefore this dress is so going with me to India, this dress and I think a par of black high heels. You see, I am so excited to go back home and meet my friends and families. It is so crazy.


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