Dinner for one


Nowadays I have become so lazy with my cooking. I have no energy to put any effort to make it look special or even tasty because in the end it is only me who is going to eat the food. Me and me every single day. Kind of sad to think about it, however, at least I get all I need hopfully.
Of course when I am cooking I use a lot of spices such as masala, tumeric powder and chili. I need at least chili to make the food good. When the burning part is missing, the food does not taste that great.

I do not know

I am really exicted right now, I am going to meet my dear friend from high school. We have not met each other for a very long time. But today, finally we are meeting. A lot of catching up is needed. The worst part is, she is moving from Sweden in the end of this year.

But, hopfuly we will meet more before she is going. Woho, I have the feeling this is going to be an awesome SUNDAY!


It is Sunday!

Good morning!

Today is sunday and the time passing by way too fast. Last night I got some funny mess from a friend.
He was wondring why is pizza circle and is packed sqare boxes and the slizes are triangles. The question was why how come.
I have no clue, I think making a pizza is easier in sqare than in circle. But what do I now?
My replay was, why is chapati circle while naan bread has a totaly different shape. The only time chapati is not in a cicle is when a amateur making chapati, than chapati look more like India or Australia.