From Slussen


I have not done so much today, studies, laundry and gym. The evening was spend at my parents house. The worst part is when ever I wam walking and need to lift my left knee a little bit higher up it start to pain. So I think the problem is back once again. The reason for the pain is most likely due to a the jumps in the classe… SIght, I just want to work out out without any problems.
However, When I was walking home I took a short from slussen to my home and first I tried to take photos with my phone (which turn out really bad). Thankfully I had my camera with me and got okay photos. From slussen there are many oppertunities to get good photos. _MG_9190

Lucky you

While I am here in Sweden and facing an other fall and coldness. A dear friend send a photo on whatsapp from Mumbai. What I felt was, damn you, why can I not be there?

lucky people….

holy hour of the day

Some people would say the dinners are the sacred time of the day. But, in my case the sacred hours are the mornings. It does not matter if I am eating my oat in the kitchen standing up (my favourite spot) or sitting at the kitchen table and having too much time. The morning is my best hour.
The breakfast is the same everyday, if I do not get my oat and instead bread, it can destroy my mood for some hours. Tea and coffee are a must, tea first and than coffee to really kick in.

Rule number one, do not speak with me before I had something in my stomach, especilly a complain or the normal how was the sleep or what is the plan for today. The answer would be very limited. I like company at the table, but do not speak with me too early in the morning. Best thing is to be quite and just be.


Coffee time, a must to wake me up.