man in the moon

My friend come over to my parents house to have dinner. with us. Tortilla evening which mean I had too much. I am so weak for tortilla… I love, love to chose what I want in my bread. Also, it is so simple to make it, prepare veg and heat up the chicken pices.


After the dinner my friend and I went to the bar man in the moon. The place has a lot a lot of different sort of beer. Many different beers and all sort of prices from the week beer for 45 sek to 3000 sek.

Friends are getting married soon

A dear friend of mine is getting married soon and she has started to look for a wedding dress. The thing is I can not really understand why to put so much money on one white dress which you will only wear once.

I can understand people paying a lot for a dess which they can use more times than one. A ball gown for example, is possible to use servel times and find good quality.

Why is it so important for many girls to wear white dress and spend a lot of money on a very specific dress? I have never understood that point. If it was me, I would spend more money on a dress which I can use more than once becasue who cares if the dress is white or not?
At the same time, wedding dresses are beautiful, but not worth the money.