Monday day


Yes, A new week and nothing is new with me. There is the same things which has to be done and I do not know where to start. Should I start with law, or my applications or may be GMAT. I have written so much that my arm is hurting and still I do not know what I know in Law. Well, is that not typical?
However, a friend send this photo to me and asked why is my nickname allver the streets? Hehe… That is so us…

6 thoughts on “Monday day

    • True, thanks for the positive attitude. biggest concern is to provide good agrument to the right section and interpret the questions right. So the most is that I need to be more analytical and critical. Thank you very much!
      Hope your Moday is better than mine.

      • More or less… Currently have an eye problem.. Can’t see well for now…

        Well, back to you… Arguments is first understanding the context of subject discussed in relation to obtainable circumstances. The ability to read between the lines makes you a better person in the argument.

        Always mind stating the facts in the subject and always feel optimistic about your analysis, as your opponent would seek to find your shortcoming and use it.

      • Oh that is too sad about the eye problem, hopefully you will get better very soon. Thank you so much for the help.
        I must say, thank god I got sometime to practies on old exams. 🙂

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