walking home

In the evening was really nice. First there was a meeting about bee keeping program and than dinner with lovely people. Anyway, the evening speacher was about stress and how to handel stress to leave a better life. I have realiced how much I am siting still and which is our new smoking health problem.
Well, after the evning I took a small walk and passed HummlegÄrden. In hummlegÄrden was a rat one meter away from me. Not that nice feeling.


Never mind


Sorry, but I just found out many of my dresses are not fittning me. The dresses pre india are too big I mean 1 or 2 sizes too big. How is it een possible? I hate it.
Should I get them fixed or am I in the risk zone when I might gain again this extra fat kg? I do not, I am so lost. I think I will wait for some more months till I get the dresses done. This dress is a size 3 and is too big…. So sad because I only had it very few times…. The dress is from Ritu Kumar Of course!

This day might be better

So far, my day has been okay, not too much irritating moments. However, still my friend has not manage a skype date with me. Therefore, I should may be give up?
Anyway, today is a study at home day which mean I do not need to travel to college (feeling really great). Instead I m going to stay at home and study. There are too much to do to ignore not studying.
In the evening is Rotaract meeting and I ahve finally good the papare to apply for membership! Yes, you got the right, I am becoming a member (a big moment in my life).

The trees are changing color from grean…