Salary Friday

Today, many people get the salary and are out in Stockholm city. I am may be one of the very few who does not go out to party so often. Almost never I am out at a bar, it has never been my thing. Not at all.
So, after a walk with my friend I went to the gym and did some work out. At the same time, my knee is stll paining so still power walk. The whole gym after 9 pm the gym was empty and I could watch this wired movie, warm body.


At the gym, knee is hurting and my fot. So will I be able to wear high heel for the diwali?

Tried something new


I am this sort of girl who has the hair in ponytail every day. I hate getting the hair in my face. Like it is the worst thing I know. Hair in the face make it impossible to look around especilly with windy weather.
Yes, Ponytails can get boring in the long run, but it is so comfortable and eay. No need to think about the hair during the day.
Anyway, today I tried an new ponytail, I know this style can look really good when the band has the same color has the hair and not pink (which is in my case). At the same time, who cares when I am at home and soon meeting a friend.

Christmas soon is here


Wow, what a day. College, cleaning my apartment and studies.
Later today, my friend is comming over and I have no idea what we are going to do. Let see, most likely some form of dinner. But who knows. Anyways, as always I am going to the gym to relax my mind. The thing is I have a problem to run with my knees therefore I have to powerwalk and watch TV.
One other thing this christmas once again, I won’t have a christmas tree at home 😦