Love it but is this really me?


I must say that I never though that I was one of the people wearing a cap. But, in the area where I am living in, this brand and this sort of cap is very common and people are wearing it till and from food store, the gym and so on. So many wear this sort of cap during the weekends. So, somehow I thought Hey I want a cap like that for the lazy . This sort of days when I do not wear makeup, or when I wish to hide my face or hair. This hat is there with me very often when I go to the gym.
To sum up, the area where I am living has an influence on me, but hopefully not in a bad way. This sort of influence is something many are facing, but do not want to be honest with themself or other about how much the environment effect them.

Home and nowhere


Today has been a lazy day. I have only been at home. I had laundry time in the morning, but desicded the laundry can wait till the weekend. Instead of laundry time my morning was spend with the new course in statistics. That subject is not my cup of tea, yet. But who knows, I might change.
Anyway later today I am going home to my parents too see what sort of makeup I can get from my mom. Hopefully she has some really nice lipsticks. Of course, I in the evening I am going to the gym for a work out. My biggest problem is, I can not skip the gym.

Welcome to my home

For almost a year ago the frensh brand Sephora opened the first store in Stockholm. May be I should be embarest that yesterday was the first time for me to¬† be in the store. I have never been in the store earlier. The reason is, I haven’t had the need to buy makeup. I have too much of makeup beside I do not have eyliner with natural color. I thought for the upcoming halloween party I am planing to use a lot of eyemake up therefore I needed this two new eyeliner.
The eyeliners are Sephora brand which I have never used before (Normally the brands I use for eyeliner is Estee lauder and clinique), so this will be intresting to see how the queality is. One thing is for sure, the pencil is very soft which can be good because I am going to apply the liner on the sensative part of the eye.