Are you kidding with me?!

OMG I have never seen anything like this size before! NEVER. The mango has the same size as my face, can you understand how big this lovely tasty mango is and the weight….


Anyway, I was really unsure how tasty mangos from Spain could be, like the mangos from Brazil taste really bad or more right sad. But, this mango tasted so good! Really nice. The sweet and juicy (not easy to eat mango and skype at the same time). The mango was amazing and a bit hard to eat all up, but nothing is impossible. It took sometime, but I managed.
I got 2 left and they are not the as big as this one (thank GOD).

From Canada with love


This is the first time I used this necklace from Canada, from a small store in Edmonton (if I remember right).  The thing with the necklace is that I can have it long or short, which is very smart. Because for some tops it is nicer with a long neckles than a short one. Also, it has a old touch which most of my things don’t and has a differnt charm too. But I really love it so I should use this one more often. Or more right, dear to change nacklace more often!

Oh good morning everyone

So, what is my plan for this week is a good wuestion and I do not relly have a gerat answer beside, studies (as always). But I have to apply for some colleges now…
The thing is, time is moving on so fast that I do not even can understand within 2 months I am in India. INDIA after all this waiting and wating. At the same time the last 2 months are going to be the longest months. After all the waiting, I am hoping the trip is worth the price. Till than the best thing to do is to remember college and work.

Kelwan 120