One of the best lipsticks

One of my favourite brand in makeup is Estee Lauder.


Most of my make up is from Estee Lauder anything from eyliner, lipstick and much more. What I like with this brand is I do not get any reaction also the make up last for long time. When I started to use make up my mom gave me mascara and eyshadow from Etee Lauder. So, I have been grown up with this brand (brand loyalty).  Also, this is the brand which I can find most at home. Normally, I do not buy this brand, however I really love Estee Lauder.

This lipstick works very well for every day when ever I want to have more eye amkeup and less on the lips. Too much eye make up and too much on the lips can create inbalance.
The lipstick is soft but still not too soft so it break.

Good or bad?

From the brunch.


Eariler i would not manange to stay away from this amazing faty products. I would have been there and take at least one pices from every cheese and try and take one more round. However, I am feeling proud of mysel to skip the cheese and instead of eating more of salmon (which I do not eat that often).
This photo make me crave for cheese…. Mmmmm.