Redfrom Lakme

Color to a black top.


Today is new year and today I have to work to 10 pm but that does not stop me to get ready and dressed up for new year. I skiped the black nail polish and instead uing a red one.

Let see how the evening is going to be a the office. Will we get many or few calls? Let see. Hopefully few calls so I can apply make up and all party ready.



New years eve!

Hello everyone!

Like many other I try to do a review of 2015 and that is not a simple task. The reason is, the question “what was so important or good/bad with 2015 poping up.

One thing which was good, was that last new year I was with my best friend in India. I got a good job which I like. Completed the thesis in finance. In my was a part of namaste Stockholm were I met really amazing people. Also, during spring semester I was a mentor for an exchange student (She was really great person who I miss a lot).

There have been some Indian funcation which my family and I attended. THe funcations have been really joyful with great preformances.

During the summer, I worked, visited Vingåker, the north and Skåne. More or less a lot of family time. A less great part was that I did not travel outside Sweden.

The berry season in the north was not that great at least for us. However, the north is a must to visit for me if I supose to get summer feeling.

The fall arrived and GMAT was not my favourite exam, however law went much better and I started to work once again.Winter has been all about college and work (does not even feel like we have had a winter)

Law… A lot of studies last semester…

Over all 2015 was not too bad or too good year, but at the same time I know 2016 will be much better. Somehow 2015 was a year to finish the important things. Sometimes there are tasks which are not fun but have to be done before something else can be started. My 2015 was a year to complete some tasks so I can start new thing in 2016. New and much better things!


If I am excited for 2016? YES. 2016 bring it on!

Hand cream in the winter

Only because the winter is THAT could, it is still impotant to keep the hands smooth.


For me, I have always loved using hand cream. I think the problem is to find a good lasting cream with a great sense. Some cream gives smooth hands but only for a short time. However, this cream from Crabtree & Evelyn have greatest sense and smooth lasting for the hands. Worst part is that the cream is not the same price as H&M….

This is one other thing which I have always with me beside make up, hand cream!


Next book is up

I have only 30 pages left in Harry potter but there is no point to carry with me to work. We might get a lot of calls or we might not, hard to say. Therefore I want to be the safe side a carry with me a smaller book.


This book THe place of illusions is from India. I found the book at my parents place. The book is about Pancaali the wife of the five Pandava brothers. The book is about her life from childhood to marriage, motherhood and her attraction to her hasbunds´most dangerous enemy.

Hopefully the book is a good beginning which take my intrests to keep on reading.


Perfume is always a good gift to a girl. I recivde My burberry perfume from my parents.

One other thing I can not get too many of are perfumes. Some perfumes are more summery than other and therefore not that great to wear in the winter while other are better for winter.


During Christmas I recived two boxes one with make up and the other one was perfume. I have not tried the sense yet, but if I know my mom right and she knows me very well. She has manage to find a sense which I like.


Before I start using this perfume I have to finish a Nina perfume.

Late Christmas gift

Small earings are so much easier to wear than larg and heavy once.


Instead of wearing cheap ear rings from H&M my late christmas gift were earing from NK. The ear rings have the shape of star with stones the color of the metal is red. What I think is the ear rings working perfectly for everyday but also for more dressed up events.


For new year I am going to wear this ear rings with a dress which I have not decided yet.

Light a kindle in teh darkness

In the morning my flat was cold and horrible. My whole body was ice cold.


Thank god for good kindle. Some heat and sense. Right now I am into incense and sense kindles. The apartment becomes much more cozy homely and nicer to be in. The brand is Voluspa, the brand is one of the best brands in sense kandles, because there is sense also when the kindle is lighted.
While studying and having kindle light are a perfect combo.