Dinner for today

I have to eat more fish, but I do not.


During the week the three meals should contain fish. But, man, why is it hard to eat fish? I do not know, but in my case it is so hard. At least, I eat more beans and lentils which are more environment and healthier than meat. I must say, it feels good to eat more veg, but at the same time it is harder to get all the vitamins and protiens

Anyways, the today dinner is with salmon with black pepper, lemon juice and on top of that thyme. The fish tasted really good and crispy.


4 thoughts on “Dinner for today

    • Hey, good to hear you are trying to cut back on red meat and eat more fish.
      Why I wrote three is that is the recommendation from the national food agency in Sweden. I can understand you want to eat fresh fish, because it taste so much better, but how do you have the energy to go to the food store for fish?

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