Back on track after 9 pm

So, once again I am at the gym after 9 pm…

And I love it even more! Okay, it is not the easiet part to move the ass to the gym after an evening meeting and the energy is almost zero and on top of everything the mind is on food. (the dinner at the meeting is always too less for me… (May be becasue they do not serve greens?…)

On the other side, now when the time is almost 11 and the sleep is far far away because of the work out and the late extra food after the work out I do regret the work out… But at the same time, if I had not been to the gym, I would feel really quilty… So, there must be a balance between time, food and work out. But I have not found the magical balance.

Yes, at the gym, I can wear this super size tishirt and does not care how wired it look. For God sake, I am at the gym to work out and not to look good. Also, after 9 pm, none is at the gym. 😀


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