Christmas shopping

A good part to have a brother is to share the costs for Christms gifts, so a student like me can gift nice things.

Yes, my mom´s gifts are done. My bother and I splitting the costs so we can buy better gifts togther than two less great gifts to her.
The question was which brand should she get, I know she loves some brands but which one is the better one? I do not dear to write what she is getting, but the gifts are really great! My brother had the idea.


What I really like with NK, is that NK has the cute gifts bag and it look fancy and easy to open. Also, the gifts standing out from the all the gifts with christmas paper…. You know what I am talking about. On top of that, no one can make a misstake and mix the gifts are from an other store. The gifts are from the best store in Stockholm.

Sometimes the kids in the family can spoil the parents too.. It does not happen very many times of the year, but once in a blue moon.

Next big question is what should dad get?! Why is it much harder to buy gifts for men and to dad? I do not… They never have a list of things which they wish. Why are men so boring?…


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