Problem with Christmas gift?

I have major problem to know what to give my dad and my brother. They are so hard to gift.

But, I have thought about a cooking class to my dad, Indian cooking class. For a year ago my dad and I went to one of Sanjoo cooking classes and it was pretty nice to be a part in a group and cook Indian food. Some of the dishes were more wellknown Indian dishes than other.

The photo is from the cooking class website.

Sanjoo has non-veg and veg cooking classes and the classes are 3 hour long. In the end of the class is a buffet with all the food so everyone can try each others food.


The biggest problem is, will my dad have time to go to the class and who  will go with him? One thing is for sure, my brother would not attend the class…

I think this is a great gift for Christmas to someone who like cooking and also like Indian food. A reason is that you cook the food with other people, get great tips from Sanjoo. There is a difference between attending a cooking class and following a recipe from a book or internet.


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