Last night, The show of Christmas 2015

The evning with my friend did turn out great, beside after the show it took forever to get home.

The show hade 4 Swedish artists and they sang Sweidsh and English songs solo or together. One of the artists was Sanna Nielsen with her  song  Undo. I must say that is her song, her voice is really amazing.

The first song was Timbuktu Alla vill till himlen men får vill dö (Everyone want to be in heaven bu nonene want to die). This song is so epic and clasic in Swedish music. Everyone nows this song. I am not a big fan of Hiphop but this song is always working!

There were three other artist Jill Johnson, Tommy Körberg and Anders Glenmark. The funniest thing is I had never heard Anders Glenmark before, a totally new artist for me. The host was the one and only Mark Levengood.




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