A small falt with a tree

My friend is crazy in Christmas. I mean she lives in a small studio and in the center of the room a big christmas tree.

Her flat has so much christmas decoration and for me normally christmas tree get decorated on the 19th. Anyway her flat was so warmly and felt really nice to be in compare to my own flat. At my place I have almost no christams light.

It was so hard to get good photos because the light was dark. But she had decorated the tree so cute. Also, we cooked good veg food.  🙂


dnner plan

_MG_9649tonight my friend and I are going to make vegetarian food. It is going to be a calm Friday.


program mitt kök. And wanted to try making chickpeas burger.

Star Wars Radio drama

My dear brother has spoken warmly about the radio drama based on Star Wars and now I have started to listen.

Wow, wow I can not say anything else. This is amazing production. The radio drama has the sound effects from RD2d, Darth vader and from the flying plans. The vocises to the characters are perfect match. The storries are based on the movies in a great success. When I listen on the story I can easly recognize from the movies.


I have to finish this star wars radio drama. But every album take some hours to finish. I must say this is a must to listen, anyone who like Star Wars has to listen. As you can understand I like Star Wars 🙂

Perfect for new year

For new yaer my plan is very simple. The plan is combine with studies, work and party. Perfect combination for must and work.



The nail polish is some years old. But due to work before 00 makes it impossible to be too dressed up with proper new year dress. I think I am going to wear a nicer top and top.  Which mean my plan is to keep my clothes simpler with black with sparkles nail polish. This is still okay to have during everyday life and to parties.