I can not take a day off

This is not fun at all. If I could I would have cancel today’s meeting but due to how important the meeting is I can not. On top of that in the evening is my second day of work.


Omg, what a night… I am sick and have no energy at all. I have to stuff myself with tablets and keep fingers cross everything will end well. Honestly I wish I could stay in bed and forget about everything, but I can not. I have to do attend the meeting and work. The thing is, I can not lose the income for 5 hours work.

I have reach my limited with work out at the gym. Today is already a long day for a sick person like me therefore after weeks of every day work out at the gym. I have decided to skip the gym for only today. My body has no energy and I do not even know what sort of food I can eat!


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