My very first Meatballs!

Yesterday afternoon all the ingredients were mixed to the meatballs. The meat stood over the night with the spices (I hope the meat got some flavours).


However, today I finaly made my very first meatballs. Yes, A swedish person who is 23 years old and has eaten meatballs every since childhood but never made it by herself. Is that not sad? You can understand this is big moment for me!

Anyways, I was really happy with the result. Also, the the meatballs have a flavour of masala. The negative part is I could have added more peppar and salt and chopped the onion into smaller pices (so boring to chop onions). For the first time I think this was a big hit!


The meat I used was mixed of pork and beef. Therefore all the fat in pan… A good way to get some fat away from the meat is to put meatballs on paper.

So what did I have in the meatballs? The balls do not contain any cream, bread nothing! While doing a reaserch on meatballs a lot of recipes add bread or cream. But, I did not want to have that sort of things, therefore I was a bit worreid my meatballs would break or become a big flopp.
The ingredients were one half onion, 2 garlics, black peppar, salt and garam masla. The reason I added garam masala I thought only salt and peppar would not be enough and kind of boring.


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