FRIDAY is here again!

Good morning everyone! I hope you had a good night sleep, because I had very wired dreams.

Today is Friday last day of the week and the during th weekend I got two 9 hours work shifts. But cash is king so I can not really complain.


I have to confess that I am very very nervous for the upcoming exam in Jan. The reason is very simple, this is my final and last exam in BBA IF I manage the exam. On the 13rd of Jan the exam is a whole day exam, the first exam is about probabilities and some other formulas. After the lunch the second paper is computer based, which is about index and ANOVA. I am so scared that I want to cry. I have to pass the exam, I want to be done with my BBA so I can start with my master.

So, may be it is good that I am going to be at home over Christmas and new year. Sure many of my days are for work but at the same time I can always manage to study one or two hours. The best part is with the work free days, I am going to be alone without my family or down hill skiing to disturb me. In simple way; It is going to be me, the books and christmas food (also gym). Also during some days I am going to stay at my parents house so I can watch Chriatmas movies on the TV!




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