Best news ever!

The trip to India starting to look much better now!

The reason is very simple. First of all I have figure out how many days I am going to be in Mumbai and where I am going to stay. A problem is to travel from Mumbai to Pune…. The plan is to leave on the 19th after having breakfast with a good friend of mine. Than on the 19th evening I m going to stay with a old friend of mine. Most likely I have to say hey to my families before my friend and I leaving for Goa on the 21st night. Yes, we are travling by night bus to Goa and arriving in the morning. In Goa we are going to stay at my friends friends place and leaving on the 25th night to Pune. Also, I got the awesome news some other friends are joining us in Goa! To meet some very old friends afrer 2 years is something I can not explain.

IMG_6120 1.jpg

Back in Pune my friend has invted me to a wedding which I am attending (The very first wedding I am going to). Let see if I am going to all three days functions. After the wedding I am meeting up some other friends and families. On the 6th of Feburary is the journey back to Mumbai… and my plan is leaving in the morning.

To think about leaving India makes me sad. I know it is crazy because I am not even there but I have this hate/love realtionship with India….


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