Redfrom Lakme

Color to a black top.


Today is new year and today I have to work to 10 pm but that does not stop me to get ready and dressed up for new year. I skiped the black nail polish and instead uing a red one.

Let see how the evening is going to be a the office. Will we get many or few calls? Let see. Hopefully few calls so I can apply make up and all party ready.



New years eve!

Hello everyone!

Like many other I try to do a review of 2015 and that is not a simple task. The reason is, the question “what was so important or good/bad with 2015 poping up.

One thing which was good, was that last new year I was with my best friend in India. I got a good job which I like. Completed the thesis in finance. In my was a part of namaste Stockholm were I met really amazing people. Also, during spring semester I was a mentor for an exchange student (She was really great person who I miss a lot).

There have been some Indian funcation which my family and I attended. THe funcations have been really joyful with great preformances.

During the summer, I worked, visited Vingåker, the north and Skåne. More or less a lot of family time. A less great part was that I did not travel outside Sweden.

The berry season in the north was not that great at least for us. However, the north is a must to visit for me if I supose to get summer feeling.

The fall arrived and GMAT was not my favourite exam, however law went much better and I started to work once again.Winter has been all about college and work (does not even feel like we have had a winter)

Law… A lot of studies last semester…

Over all 2015 was not too bad or too good year, but at the same time I know 2016 will be much better. Somehow 2015 was a year to finish the important things. Sometimes there are tasks which are not fun but have to be done before something else can be started. My 2015 was a year to complete some tasks so I can start new thing in 2016. New and much better things!


If I am excited for 2016? YES. 2016 bring it on!