Fish for dinner

Love, love all sort of food from the oven. All sort of food, everything from vegetables, fish and meat. Anything, so why can not I have an oven at my place?

Anyways, for some days ago my dear dad made this amzing dinner for us all. Fish from the north, Börtnan, Swedish coldest palce. One thing is for sure, Börtnan knows how to make good fish!


Sure, the eyes do not look so nice, but the fish tasted amazing!

With the fish were potatoes and salad.



Tomorrow is a big day

Tomorrow is my final day in college, hopefully. If the two exams in statistics goes well I am done with my BBA. FINALY.

The biggest fear is that I know the answer but answer wrong. Simple small mistakes but can make me fail bif time.
Anyways last day in college.




Last weeks have been a lot of going on even thow the same things have happened. In the end, I have not had the energy to write. Sometimes, the mind need a break.

Right now I am more than happy to inform that the exam is on the 13rd and the 15th I am finally leaving Sweden.
My bag is almost set but still I do not know what to bring with me for clubbing. There are three different dresses to choose from, two black and a red dress.

I think the red dress and one of the black dresses but I have no clue which one.

New year, new day and same me

I am so tired so tired. At 6:30 my sleep was gone and I could not sleep much more.

Happy new year.
I am glad 2015 is over and started the new year with good friends. My coworker gave me a drive to the party so I was not too late. Where we celebrated had a lot of fire work. A joke we made was how many fire works are legal.