Easy option to travel from Mumbai to Pune

The worst thing with arriving in Mumbai from Europe is the arriving time. My flight arrives at 2 am. Speaking about the mind will be somewhere else.

So, my first option was to book a hotel and use the hotel’s pick up cab at the airport. What I found out was that the hotel had written a price on the website and informed me an other price in mail. Therefore I canceled my hotel and decided to travel directly to Pune from Mumbai airport. The journey takes around 4-5 hours, and I have booked KK travels shared Cab. I have used their service previous journeys and been very pleased with the other travels and drivers. The safety aspect is nothing to worry about at all. As a foreigner and women I was allowed to sit in the front.

The price was an other good surprise, shared cab cost only 1000 rupees. It is costly but to compare with the bus tickets cost 400 rupees, I think the 600 rupees extra is worth it.

picture from kk travels website.

So, KK travels please do not let me down this time. The only thing I wish for is a smooth pick up from the airport and safe drop of at my home.


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