My nickname is El and I am 21 years old. I am student from Sweden and studying my second year in BBA in Symbiosis, Pune, India.
This blog is about my experience in India especially about my life in Pune and my time in college.
hope you will enjoy.

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14 thoughts on “About

  1. Hej Elin,
    My name is krishna. It’s good to know that i found one swed came to India for studying. Actually when i was in Linköping while doing my Master’s, i too had different experiences like you. Its very good to hear your views on India. Have fun. hej då.

      • Hej Elin,
        I had a very good time in Sweden for almost 3yrs. I think India and Sweden are not a bit different, but they differ a lot. While i was in Sweden we used to have comedy chat that if a swed comes to India and lands first in Mumbai they will run away back after seeing many people in Mumbai. LOL. So how long you have been in India ?

  2. Hej, Wow 3 years is a long time away, but now you are back in India?
    I have been in India for a year in 2010. This time i have only been in India for 2,5 months, but will be here for a year again.
    After my first year, I felt I was not rally done with India, you know what i am talking about na?

    • Hej, Ya 3 yrs is a long time and also good time in Sweden (although i used to hate winter some time). I returned to India in Jan this year. Now i am in Bangalore in search of job. You came in 2010 and then went back to Sweden, so did u took any study break ? So now how much time will u be in India ? Pass on your messenger ID or mail id otherwise your blog will be full of my comments..LOL
      Take care. Hej då.

      • Swedish winter is not that fun, so I can understand you. However Swedish summer can be pretty good! All the best with searching for a job.

        I went during high school to India. This time I will be in India for a year till end of May.
        Take care

  3. ive spent a substantial time in the city where u are right now, would love to have your view on the place for sure.. which calls for a follow darlin 😀

      • Too crowded now, I came there precisely a decade back and stayed 5 years.. Saw it grew from a 10 km area to maybe 100km city with no traffic on streets to traffic jams but it’s still much much better than numerous Indian cities

      • Hehe too crowded, too smelly and never quiet but compare to Mumbai Pune is nothing, In january my plan is to travel back to India for three weeks holiday and visit Mumbai, Pune and Goa. Do you have any tips and must visit places? Xo

      • True, that’s what I said even after being in bad shape is still better than many. That’s sounds great, what kind of traveler are you? Are you traveling to shop, eat, understand culture, just see our anything else? Hugs

      • Yea, I would love to visit the most to see places and enjoy good places to eat (i mean not the typical tourists spots). I have already seen some of the older part of mumbai. Pune, is in my heart I have been in KP, Camp, Fc road, and lived in Viman nagar. But I would love, to know good places to eat.

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