Finally I got my certificate from Folkuniversitet. Earlier I never understood the point of saving certificates, but now nowadays I have change the point of view.
The reason is I might need to show my certificate to future class, work or anything.
So I am pleased to get a certificate for Arabic.

Finally home

Every Friday after salary means that everyone has decided to drink and be rude. On the other side, there are customer who are more busy with the phone then to listen on the worker. Sometimes I have tried to repeat the orders and they too occupied with something on the phone and do not listen. They are in a other world, unreachable. That is very rude and to not show any respect toward us worker. How hard can it be to put aside a phone for 1 minute and get the whole order right. While sometimes when they do not listen the order can get wrong and everything take much longer time.
Also, there are some customers which say give me this, instead of I would like to have or can I get. But this give me, dose insult me and rude. Somehow it make me feel that I am a slave. Or can a reason be because of customers are customers and we worker have no right to correct them. Due to customers have always right, but seriously they do not, but we workers have to correct our behavior to the customers.
The customers do not appreciate us worker, but if the customer has been in our feet the person knows how our situation can be.

Right now my tea cup is next to me and my tension is sipping away. Tomorrow is a long day, Arabic class and work. Also studies. Long, long day.

This tea taste really good!

what i want

I would love to go to a language cafe during the week. A place where I can practice Arabic with other people. To be able to speak with someone else beginner or someone how know the language.
I would love that. To be able to speak and practice more.
Right now, there are not many of my friends speaking Arabic.

Anyone how know a language cafe?

Saturday is not a weekend

May be we in Sweden are spoiled with weekends. For us we should have two days weekend, Saturday and Sunday.
But, if we look around us, people are working more hours then 40 h a week and have only a day off. While, some parties in Sweden think we should have less then 40 hours work week.
I have no Idea how Sweden should be go against the stream. Why should we decrease the work whole other countries are increasing?

In my case, we in Sweden can not become more lazy then the rest of the world. Due to the competition we are facing. We have to work more, to get somewhere. Also, the extra workday do not need to be as long as the normal days, a half day of work is good. But, we have to work.

There for, today my time table is Arabic class 10-12:30, gym, study Organization theories, bake something with a sense of Christmas. Most important dinner with family.
Probably my Sunday has the same layout, study but in the evening to 10 PM is work.


kids book

When i was a kid I had books about a boy Max. This boy Max did many things, in one of the books it is about he and his stroller.

There for guess what I found in the library in Arabic. Yes, the book about Max with his stroller. So, now again I am reading this book after 15 years, but this time in Arabic. With the same porous learning to read.


Well, my vocabulary in Arabic is almost zero. But I know the letters. There for my plan is to read every word and use a dictionary for every word. This is a time consuming but are there any other ways of learning a forging language?


Finally my question is answered. In many arabic songs the singer sing habib and I have never known what the meaning is. But last Saturday I got know habib in Swedish kära, sweetheart (sort of).
Well, today has been crazy.
Study and work. And now I am reading Arabic. Just to get more used to the letters.

Saturday isn’t a work free day


Good morning, I hope you all had a good sleep. In my case my neighbor had a party with allot of music and dance. Due to salary Friday. However I slept before 00, which I normally don’t.

Now I am on the way to the Arabic class. My confidence in languages have always been low. But I am hoping this will change while I’m mastering Arabic slowly.