ThE thesis is handled in

Finally the thesis is handled in yesterday and all my energy disappeared in the afternoon Still, somehow I manage to be awake to 2 am after the work out.

However, in the afternoon the exchange student I am mentor for met me at the café to just hang out and chat about last weekends show. On top of that she had a super sweet birthday gift for me. The gift might look tiny but the meaning is hugh and thoughtful. So in the end the gift is much more bigger then I have thought it would be.
First I got a small card in Swedish, then a candy bag with Haribo (german sweet) and the best part a book for future plans. A book for planning!! She know how much I love to plan and have organizing, but sometimes it doesn’t turn out how I have plan.


About love and love

I have finally complete the book about the Pashtuns. The book was good but with all the names on top leaders and so on, made me a bit confused.
So, now I have started to read a Swedish book after many months with English books. The book has been one of my mom’s old literature books’ for her education, the book was standing in the shelf with a lot of other interesting books. I would say my parents have a lot of interesting books and I can choose anyone book I want to read.

This book is written by Francesco Alberoni and original name is “Innamoramento e amore”, I have no idea what the book calls in Englis.
However, the book is about love. Why do we fall in love, what is love and many more questions are asked and answered. The first chapter is about general terms what is love, and write about love is a collective just like revolutions which create a “we”. Just to build up love is not that easy as the reader might have thought before starting to read the book.
The aouther wrote about if two people are falling in love there has to be an obstacle such as culture, geographic difference. Francesco gave examples about Juliet and Romeo, with both families are enemies and still Juliet and Romeo fall in love, obstacle. How would the family react if they got to know about them, and much more.
Yes, Juliet and Romeo is a play, but I really think it is true about obstacle. If there the people do not face a problem, then the passion for each other won’t exist and no struggle. So, instead of falling in love they become friends.


Really, I recommend this book. It is interesting and easy to understand. May be the earth would have more love if everyone read the book.

Open up

“Three cups of tea” is completed after months. The reason the book took me sometimes was because I read the book on the local train and journey does not last long enough to finish 5 pages. Well, the story is inspirational for not giving up and also there are humans who knows how to help countries in need and the fight has to be by books and nothing else.
I can not understand the book is about Greg’s life, the book is a real life story. Well, may be it is time to realize all people do not live the typical house, car (Volvo), dog and kids life.

So during the last pages of “three cups of tea” I started to think which book should I read now. Should the book be an other book of religion, or about India and something else such as philosophy. However, my mind made a clear chose, I am going to try to read “The Pashtuns, The unresolved key of the future of Pakistan and Afghanistan”. The previous books have been about Pakistan and Afghanistan so this book might be a good end of my exploration of the Stan countries.
A reason why I want to read about the pashtuns is because I want to gain more knowledge and try to understand something more about the Afghanistan and also about the Tailbans.So hopefully the book will provide some sort of light over the sea of blackness in my mind. My huge lack of knowledge in this filed is a bit of embarrassing. Well, keep the fingers cross that this book won’t be too boring to read or have too many non common words. Then the book might never be completed.

Can I learn to make this things?

Some months ago the book sale was going on and as always during the last weeks with the sale the store sell the books for nothing. Therefore during the last weeks, it is possible to find if the person is lucky to find good books for no money at all. Well, with my weakness for chocolate and the enjoyment from baking I got a book about how to make pralines. I have only tired to make pralines once or twice before, as you can understand I am a big beginner.IMG_7877
May be I did not get the book because I am suppose to start making pralines. Instead, the book was a gift because of the beautiful photos. The photos of pralines, cookies and other sweet yummy things.

Amazing, amazing photos in side the book. Which make me wanna try every single pralines. Who knows how much time I get during the summer to try to make this.

My Metro book

In the evenings at home I have a book to read, the book think fast and slow. Because of I really need quite and calm place to concentrate. Therefor I have an other book for the metro and local train.
It feels I am in a mood of Islam and Palestinian. I do not know why, but right now I feel for read more and get more knowledge. There for I am reading this book “three cups of tea”. The book is about a man climb  K2 and got lost after a day or so comes to a village without any school. From that moment he is dedicated to build the first school in that area.
Interesting book!