A big day


Today is a important day. From 9 am is finally finance exam.
At 4-10 pm I got to work and again no time to meet friends. But on Sunday after work my friend is meeting up my friend.
However, I thought it is crazy I will be done with my BBA in 2016 January.
January, till then I have to keep on working hard.
Then, let see what sort of trip I m going to do. Travel to Canada, India or travel somewhere in Europe?

Exam in some hours…nervous!

Salmon from Alberta

IMG_1987 - Copy

Well, when I visited my family in Canada we made a day trip to Banff. During the day we were in the hot spring. Beautiful view over the mountains, with a lot of trees and snow covered tops.
Of course after a day in the springs, the tummy get empty and new energy is needed.
Banff is a beautiful town. With many restaurants, so there is no problem to find a place to eat.
The restaurant we visited had Salmon from Alberta, if I remember it was also from Banff or near by place.
The dish was amazing, tasted like heaven! We all ordered the same dish and loved it allot.

Where was this photo taken?


Empty farm building.
Well, in my eyes this photo could have been taken in the north of India. For sure this photo is not been taken in Sweden, due to the mounties and the building. The mounties are to sharp tops and the building is not a typical “Swedish”.
Well, lucky me, I know where the photo was taken. In Canada.
My family in Canada took me on a trip around in the rocky mounties for a day. I can say the environment is amazing. Very green, peacefulness and wild.
Normally, the typical stop is Banff and the hot springs. (Lovely, lovely place!). A dream I have is to ski in Banff.
But, we took the car went to near by places to Calgary and Banff.

The next question, when can I visit Canada again. Hopefully in 2-3 years.