Make in a box

Wow my parents knows what I like and need!

A girl can not get too much make up. Not at all. Therefore with my limited amount of mascara (I have only one from Bodyshop). To receive mascara and eyliner in Christmas gift were a really good gift.


I have had this brand Esteelauder earlier and I truly trust and know the brand is great.


The 25th of December

Hello Everyone!
Once again Merry Christmas.


(the beggining of Christmas tree decoration?

From today to the 27th are working days for me, 9 hours shifts. Many stores are having the first real winter day sale today and I am not being one of the people tring to find good deals. I got more than need.

Tonight I am going to show what I got in Christmas gifts. All the gifts are very much what I whised for!

On top of that, what I am really looking forwards is the christmas food on sale such as Christmas ham,

Day before Christmas eve

Do not ask me. But there is something which is nagging my mind. The worst part is that I have no clue what is in my mind.


The feeling I have is something less positive. Some sort of worries but I do not know what sort of worries that can be or may be the fact is tomorrow is Christmas…. Christmas! I can not understnad that. Anyways, whenever I am anxious all I can think about is food and also more about unhealthy food.
However, my christmas gifts are done  (In the photo are only teo out of many) and I soon put aside my notebooks and instead start reading Harry Potter.


FRIDAY is here again!

Good morning everyone! I hope you had a good night sleep, because I had very wired dreams.

Today is Friday last day of the week and the during th weekend I got two 9 hours work shifts. But cash is king so I can not really complain.


I have to confess that I am very very nervous for the upcoming exam in Jan. The reason is very simple, this is my final and last exam in BBA IF I manage the exam. On the 13rd of Jan the exam is a whole day exam, the first exam is about probabilities and some other formulas. After the lunch the second paper is computer based, which is about index and ANOVA. I am so scared that I want to cry. I have to pass the exam, I want to be done with my BBA so I can start with my master.

So, may be it is good that I am going to be at home over Christmas and new year. Sure many of my days are for work but at the same time I can always manage to study one or two hours. The best part is with the work free days, I am going to be alone without my family or down hill skiing to disturb me. In simple way; It is going to be me, the books and christmas food (also gym). Also during some days I am going to stay at my parents house so I can watch Chriatmas movies on the TV!



A small falt with a tree

My friend is crazy in Christmas. I mean she lives in a small studio and in the center of the room a big christmas tree.

Her flat has so much christmas decoration and for me normally christmas tree get decorated on the 19th. Anyway her flat was so warmly and felt really nice to be in compare to my own flat. At my place I have almost no christams light.

It was so hard to get good photos because the light was dark. But she had decorated the tree so cute. Also, we cooked good veg food.  🙂

Problem with Christmas gift?

I have major problem to know what to give my dad and my brother. They are so hard to gift.

But, I have thought about a cooking class to my dad, Indian cooking class. For a year ago my dad and I went to one of Sanjoo cooking classes and it was pretty nice to be a part in a group and cook Indian food. Some of the dishes were more wellknown Indian dishes than other.

The photo is from the cooking class website.

Sanjoo has non-veg and veg cooking classes and the classes are 3 hour long. In the end of the class is a buffet with all the food so everyone can try each others food.


The biggest problem is, will my dad have time to go to the class and who  will go with him? One thing is for sure, my brother would not attend the class…

I think this is a great gift for Christmas to someone who like cooking and also like Indian food. A reason is that you cook the food with other people, get great tips from Sanjoo. There is a difference between attending a cooking class and following a recipe from a book or internet.