Gingerbread cookies

May be this is a good idea to for the baking, gingerbread cookies.

The only problem is, the dough has to stay rest for a night. At the same time, it is weekend and I can travel to my parents house without any problems.

On top of that, homemade gingerbread cookies are so much better than the cookies from the stores. Also, the sense of gingerbread cookies are one of the best during the whole christmas.

A good tip for snacks for a christmas party is to have gingerbread cookies with blue cheese. So good.

Our tree is extremly naked

Last evening I had dinner with my dad and we decorated our tree.
The thing is, we need a tree but non of us felt to give our full energy to decorated it. We thought what is the point to decorate the tree with all the decorations we have when I won´t to be there. If I remember right we have around 2-3 huge brown boxes for moving, with only Christmas tree decorations.
So, it ended up we used less then a half of a box.
There for, our tree has never looked this naked before and really ugly. A Christmas tree should be decorated from the toe to the top and trunk should be impossible to get a glance of.


Everytime someone quite

Yea, this was our tradition at the other job.
Everytime someone quite more or less the boss bought a box of candy and put it on the table.
Can you see? there are only good candies! such as sweet and sour, chocolates and much more. But, I never took anything from the box, feeling proved of myself.
Also, we had our own super small Christmas tree on the table. We did try to get some Christmas feeling. Haha

pig trotters


Pigs trotters are a traditional dish for the Christmas buffet. Well, I have never tried that dish before because I have thought it is too much of animal. Specially when the whole trotter are on a plate. However, at this buffet the chefs had cut the trotters in parts.
Normally, about food and dishes, I am open to try everything before I say I do not like it. Because sometimes the dish sounds too bad but taste marvelous or good at least. For example I tried brain in India and well it was not my favorite dish but I can eat it again. There for I tried the pig trotter, and never again. The trotter tasted only fat and pig. Pig Trotters won´t be on my plate again. Never.
Other things on this lovely buffet were the different flavor of pickled herring, hard roe, paté.
They served also the warm dishes such as meat balls, jansons, prince sausages and other dishes. But those dishes are easy to get and there for nothing special.

But, I can say I have missed the Swedish Christmas buffet! It is so Swedish to go to a restaurant and have a lovely time with the family.

Where is the snow?!


Seriously where is the snow?
This photo was taken 2012 and I have not seen this amount of snow since then.
Well, I might not miss is amount of snow, but at least some snow would be good. Also, the snow should arrive before the 23rd of December, so the plains are working.
Why can not we get the snow. We should have snow during Christmas that was the high light for kids, that make a Christmas a real Christmas.

Christmas cards and music

When I was living at home with my parents I did not care about the mail. There for nowadays when I am living alone, a mail makes me too much happy.
So, today when I came home I found a Christmas card at my door. Right now my computer is playing Christmas carols and writing Christmas cards to family and friends.
Have you ever realized how less cards and mail we are sending instead of email? In my case I prefer to get mail then email, especially for special occurrences such as Christmas and birthday.


There are some must

IMG_6972Before Christmas I have some must to do. Most of the things are traditions since childhood. For example:

  1. Visit NK Christmas windows more then one time.
  2. Get a chocolate calender
  3. watch at least an episode of this year Christmas calender for kids on TV. The best year Christmas Calender is Slottet på Greveholm!
  4. Eat Christmas food buffet
  5. Bake saffron buns
  6. Listen way too much of Christmas carols

Before I would also say spend Christmas with family up in the north, but it is not possible for this year either. Therefor it is not really a most anymore.
However, I love the north especilly on Christmsa eve during the day. To be at the ski center 5 minutes before the open the downhills. During the whole day skiing and having food from home with us and at 2 pm leaving the ski center due to at 3 pm watching TV Donald Duck and his friends celebrating Christmas.
After Donald Duck paying some card games and having Christmas food buffet and just relaxing with the family. Finally, at 6-8 pm we exchanging the gifts and watching TV.
Of course the evening ends early because the next day at 5 minutes to 9 we are there again in the ski center.
Lovely time with my family. On the other side, nowadays I am creating new tradition to be away from my birth family and instead celebrating with my friends and Indian families.

Dear Santa can I get hard packegs?

Dear Santa I would love to get some useful things to hold in my hand and not only money. Yes, of course as student money are never wrong to get.
There are some more things I wishes for, also, if Santa wants to give me a book I would like to get a personal letter written in the book. Just like a memory from the person. (I hope my parents are reading this updated).

  • Cooking book – about bread baking, hotdogs and also jam (possible to buy the books from Adlibris)
  • Cooking class at Medborgarskolan, bread baking, make own hotdogs, baking classe. Maybe a better options is to get a gift voucher at Medborgarskolan.

Bröd, bröd, bröd : recept, råd och genvägarGör korv! : korta, långa, råa, starka

Konservera : Året runt

Gamla Stans market



So Gamla stans Christmas market might be on of Stockholms oldest markets.
I can not say I find any interesting or good thing to eat or give away. But the point for the visit at the market is the feeling atmosphere. With all the small cottages, old buildings around with Christmas starts in the windows and all the cafes. Especially Frälsningsarmens cafe at Stortorget. Frälsningsarmen is a organizationen helping the people in need, homeless, poor and so on. There for there is never wrong to take a cup of coffee at Frälsningsarmens’ cafe.
Back to the market, perfect feeling would have been with some snow on the ground and big heavy snowflakes falling from the sky. Well, that is something to wish for, for Christmas eve.

But Gamla stans market is lovely and it is possible to drink Glögg, Mulled wine, find cheese from the north, mustered, jam and much of sweets/candies.

A christmas market in the city

So, there are many small Christmas markets around Stockholm, one of them is the market at Kungsträdgråden. The market in Kungsträdgården is small and has nothings really special, beside it is next to the ice skating area and in the heart of Stockholm.

The most traditional and famous Christmas market at Skansen. I have never been there, but I know Skansen market has is popular.

My next Christmas market visit has to be the market at Gamla stan. Just to get a pinch of Christmas feeling.