Dear Santa can I get hard packegs?

Dear Santa I would love to get some useful things to hold in my hand and not only money. Yes, of course as student money are never wrong to get.
There are some more things I wishes for, also, if Santa wants to give me a book I would like to get a personal letter written in the book. Just like a memory from the person. (I hope my parents are reading this updated).

  • Cooking book – about bread baking, hotdogs and also jam (possible to buy the books from Adlibris)
  • Cooking class at Medborgarskolan, bread baking, make own hotdogs, baking classe. Maybe a better options is to get a gift voucher at Medborgarskolan.

Bröd, bröd, bröd : recept, råd och genvägarGör korv! : korta, långa, råa, starka

Konservera : Året runt

Gamla Stans market



So Gamla stans Christmas market might be on of Stockholms oldest markets.
I can not say I find any interesting or good thing to eat or give away. But the point for the visit at the market is the feeling atmosphere. With all the small cottages, old buildings around with Christmas starts in the windows and all the cafes. Especially Frälsningsarmens cafe at Stortorget. Frälsningsarmen is a organizationen helping the people in need, homeless, poor and so on. There for there is never wrong to take a cup of coffee at Frälsningsarmens’ cafe.
Back to the market, perfect feeling would have been with some snow on the ground and big heavy snowflakes falling from the sky. Well, that is something to wish for, for Christmas eve.

But Gamla stans market is lovely and it is possible to drink Glögg, Mulled wine, find cheese from the north, mustered, jam and much of sweets/candies.

A christmas market in the city

So, there are many small Christmas markets around Stockholm, one of them is the market at Kungsträdgråden. The market in Kungsträdgården is small and has nothings really special, beside it is next to the ice skating area and in the heart of Stockholm.

The most traditional and famous Christmas market at Skansen. I have never been there, but I know Skansen market has is popular.

My next Christmas market visit has to be the market at Gamla stan. Just to get a pinch of Christmas feeling.

Saffron Buns


So all my saffrons buns are done, Hopefully I do not need to make anymore.
The thing is to make saffron buns take times. Allot of waiting due to the east. However the buns are in the oven for only 8 minutes.
For one thing all the waiting is worth it. The saffron flavor, soft and juicy also the bright yellow color .
Baking saffron buns are extremely easy, with not too many ingredients.

The buns taste best while the fresh from the oven with a cup of milk. Also the house smell saffron.
To point out my parents did get some saffron buns, they are not without Christmas homemade saffron buns!


A good day

I have had a great day today.
First in the morning I read about organization theories, due to the upcoming test. It was not for the organization theory my day was good.
No, no, no. The reason was during the whole afternoon was spend in the kitchen. I made the kladdkaka for my friend and also saffron buns with afghan saffron, Gharzai saffron. In the background spotify played Christmas carols.

When I came back home the Christmas star and crib from India are up. My family in India gave me them before I left India. There for I will always remember them when I look at the Christmas decorations.
Today was first of advent, the countdown is on.

Last saturday in November


Well Tomorrow is the first advent. which mean we have Christmas around the corner.
Also, at the market places the sellers have started to sell Christmas trees. Well, in my case I will not get any Christmas tree because won’t be at home and also, the tree is waste of place, money and time. However, I will decorate a Christmas tree, but at my parents house, probable around the 19th of December with christmas carols.
On the other side after the work my Christmas star and some other decorations. Might, be good to do my next saffron buns and Kladdkaka.

Is it time to write a christmas list?

Well, even if I won’t be with my family for Christmas and not even in the same country. There is no reason to skip writing a Wish list for Christmas.
The thing is, last year I was not with my family for Christmas and not this year either. Is it a sign that I am growing up?

The thing is I do not wish to get any clothes, make up, perfume or handbag.
I do not need anything also I am traveling to India and there are the price much better on almost everything. There for, what do I wish?
I would say a nice Christmas buffet with my family at 13th of December (yes my camera will be with me). A reason is in India I did not get any Christmas food such as Christmas ham, meet balls and much much more. 13th of December, my time to enjoy with family!

Also I already know what I am getting from my family and it will be very use full in India.