Tomorrow is a big day

Tomorrow is my final day in college, hopefully. If the two exams in statistics goes well I am done with my BBA. FINALY.

The biggest fear is that I know the answer but answer wrong. Simple small mistakes but can make me fail bif time.
Anyways last day in college.




Next semester is fixed

To know what is going to happen for the next semester feels graet. My mind is less stressed.

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The thing is I am going to study two courses, business ethics and the other one is quality management. Both of the courses have conection to business and hopefully are useful for my future. The courses are internet based and are 25 % speed which make it possible for me to travel to india and keep my student job.

I saw the list of books for business ethics and I have to buy four books while the other course only requests one book. Well, anyways I am excited for next semester!



What should I study during next semester?!

The admition for the spring semester is out! I am accapted to many courses and I have no clue what I want to study.

The courses are a great mixture of business, health, fashion also art and all the courses are 25 % speed computer based. Now the biggest problem is to decide which two courses I want to study. I have no clue.
Why two courses are simple, I want to work more next semester, and study only 50 % so I can keep my student job. What should I study?….

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Good morning!

Studies are suffering for some days so this Saturday has to go to studies. But the thing is I do not mind.

Normally, my weekends are for my studies. I prefer to study during the morning to noon and than do something. But, my weekends are for studies, grocery shoping, cleaning and all the other have to do things for the week to work in a easy way.


So, the time is almost 7 am and I have just finish my brekfast, which mean from now to 8-9 am I am going to read some chapters and than go to the gym.


Now it has started

The yearly card writing for Christmas cards. There are more and more people to write cards to.


Somehow it feels like I sending more cards than receiving. However, the card sending is somehow a nice gestuer for both young and elder people. In the end, we sending too lest mail and more of emaila which is less personality.
However, I have to buy more cards to Swedish and international friends.

OMG I did it

Yes, The results from law is up!


For the last hours I have checked every 5 mintues if the marks are out. Everytime, the coldness in stomach have I passed or not. With a huge disapointment when the results were not out and once again after 10 minutes the same feeling with the same disapointment.Anyways, than on my way home, I got the result. We can only get U, G and VG, U = fail, G = Good and VG= Very good. Next to law 15 hp (which is 10 weeks full time studies) was two big letters, VG.

I got VG in Law. Feeling really good and now today I am going to work after a long break for studies. Good result and my first work shift after 2,5 months of break.


Half way of the week

Tomorrow is the big day. We all ahve been waiting like crazy for our result to be out. The worst part is I have no idea how the exam went, But I am hoping for the best. In the end, it is our profs. who have the power.

Anyway, tomorrow is the day, we will get our result, and please keep fingers cross that I have passed Law.