Monday day


Yes, A new week and nothing is new with me. There is the same things which has to be done and I do not know where to start. Should I start with law, or my applications or may be GMAT. I have written so much that my arm is hurting and still I do not know what I know in Law. Well, is that not typical?
However, a friend send this photo to me and asked why is my nickname allver the streets? Hehe… That is so us…

New day and same things

Yea, I can not say I am excited about this day. Same thing every day, studies and studies. However, today I gave more time on GMAT than Law. It felt GMAT needed some time, to keep the memory fresh sort of.
However, the rest of the day is for law and later to meet up a friend and go and look for make up to a holloween party in November. I know what I am will wear and everything but not sure about the make up yet. If I should go for more a witch or ghost sort of make up. In the end the question is about money. How much do I want to spend on one party…

Today is a good day

Yesterday I went to a dance class at the gym, becasue I really did not feel for cardio. The class was better than I thought and it made me miss the belly dance calsses I went to earlier. Dance is a really good way to exercise.
However, today my plan is to study at home, I tried yesterday at my college, but in the end the worst part I can what the people in the next room speak about. All I need is no noice and quite.
Hopefully I will learn something about business law and all around it.

DSCF9992 - Copy

I want to work

I have not been working for a months because I need to study for GMAT and law. My plan was to just to study and focus on GMAT. However, after a month without a job and only studies are not that fun. I miss my job, I think it was one of the best places I have worked at. We were really good team. Right now, I am not sure if I made right decission with work and studies. So many thoughts are in my head and questions without any answers yet.

Time to keep on study law and at 5-6 pm a bodybalance shift is badly requested from my body because of all the sitting my back is not my best friend right now.


I had such a dark hair before… The dark hair made my eye pop out more than my current hair color. The best part was, I had less than 30 hours between my flights from Canada to India. So, during my very few hours in Sweden, my dad helped me to color my hair dark at home. What a time we had!

What a morning

Last night I took a look on my time table to make sure I had class today morning. I read that from 8 am to 11 am there was a class. So, at 5:50 my clock rang, and I woked up fresh and made my lunch and ate my breakfast in the kitchen next to the sink (as always during the week). Packed my bags (one bag for law book and computer and the other one for my gym clothes and food). Than half way to the train I checked once again on the time table and saw we do not have any class today. Instead the time table showed only seminariums. Which mean I got ready and stressed all for nothing. Instead of travle to college I turn around and here I am at home in my gym clothes infront of my computer writing about law.
At 11 am I am going for Bodybalance class 🙂 So may be this day won’t be too bad either. _MG_8619

Where will I be?

In my case I hate the feeling of not knowing where I will be after the summer. College has just started and al ready I am woried where I will be also there are many months left. The fact of not knowing is killing me. I want to know, I want to plan or at elast having a sort of plan I will be in this country and study this. But I can not even say that! Instead I have to accapt the fact, I DONT KNOW.

I can not plan anything right now beside focusing on my current situation. That is to study and stduy. But, my mind is flying to the summer and getting me nervous. There is so many things which are depending on my future edeucation. One thing is for sure, I am going to study (I have to, because I do not want to start working yet). But where will I be… in the summer or after the summer is the major question in my mind right now.

Time to apply for the spring semester

Okay, now I have to apply as many other people which courses I want to study during the spring. The thing is, there are too many options. I do not know which course I should study. Than the nect question is in what speed, 100, 75, 50 or 25 % and should the course be online or at a campus. There are som many options and I do not know what is best. Should I study something I think i fun or should the course has some sort of conection with my education in BBA and future work?
So much to decide and I have no answer yet. On top of that I have less than a month to decide… Skärmbild (15)