more veg food


In Delhi we also some western food. While my friend did not really enjoy the food, probably to plain. Was opposite for me.
I do not remember the name on the dish, but it was veg.


L’Opéra in India


What can I say? A bakery which does not make Indian cakes? A bakery with allot of tasty and beautiful bakeries. They did also have allot more.
What I can say, the price is little higher, but what to do when I recognize so many bakeries and feel my sweet tooth taking over.
Of course, I got some sweet things from L’Opéra. Only becuase Opéra was very big surprise for me, I found them on internet and apparently it is possible to order and get it delivered.

Good street food

Delhi Street food outside the Red fort.
Street food is nothing for people how are concern about the hygiene or stay fit. Because it is very oil and they sell food next to heavy traffic road with allot of pollution, but also how often do the man wash his hands? More or less never.
Indian street food is something special, I have not had Indian street food any where else, no restaurants that I have visit have street food on the menu card.

I have not idea what this dish calls, to point out, this is a Delhi street food and I have not seen in Pune.
The dish has a white bread with allot of butter, chickpea, in masala with a topping of onion. 
Served on a peace of a newspaper, is to walk around with.
I can also point out, it was very hot for me. After 5 months in India, I am still not use to the chilli.


National memorials: Raj Ghat

National Memorials: Raj Ghat, Mahatma Gandhi was cremated here is 1948. Mr. Gandhi was called during is time “father of the nation”.
The national memorials was design to keep in mind of Mr. Gandhi´s simple life.
Next to the black stone is a flame burning and on the black stone is well decorated with flowers.
It says Mr. Gandhi´s last words was Hey Ram and this to words are in inscribed on the marble in gold lettering.

Around the National Memorials is a green area with flowers and trees. There for it is possible to sit and relax before the next Ho Ho bus comes.


information I got is from:

street snacks

street snacks

In the Delhi, I have only seen this sort of street food. Selling cucumber peeled for street food. Not in Pune or any where else.
After a a long day running around, the feeling of refreshing comes up and the other street food is not the most refreshing one. So, why not a cucumber?
I do not think I ever had that testy cucumber for ages. For sure, Delhis weather is much more pleasant then Pune.
Pune is still around 25 degree, pure summer weather in Sweden. But everyone in Pune says it start to be little colder, 27 degree and it is cold?

Homemade masala dosa

Homemade masala dosa

When I was in Delhi we got Dosa for breakfast. The dosa was with masala and with dosa we got samba.
A recipes for dosa. To make dosa it take time with soaking and fermenting.

soaking time: 3 hours
Preparation Time: 20 mins
fermenting time: 4 hours
Cooking Time: 20 mins
Makes 8 dosas

1 cup rice (chawal)
1/3 cup urad dal (split black lentils)
5 to 7 fenugreek (methi) seeds
1 tbsp beaten rice (poha)
1 tsp sugar
salt to taste
oil for greasing


Soak the rice seperately in enough water for 3 hours and drain.
Blend the rice in a mixer till smooth. Remove and keep aside.
Soak the urad dal, fenugreek seeds and beaten rice togeather in enough water for 3 hours and drain.
Blend the urad dal, fenugreek seeds and beaten rice togeather in a mixer till smooth and frothy ( add water little by little as required ). Remove and keep aside.
Combine the urad dal paste and rice paste togeather in a bowl and cover and keep aside to ferment for atleast 3 to 4 hours.
Once the batter is fermented , add the sugar and salt to the batter and mix well.
Heat a non-stick pan and sprinkle a little water on it. It should steam immediately.
Grease it with oil and wipe hard with a slice of onion or potato.
Pour a ladeful of the batter on the tava and spread in a circular motion to make 125 mm (5″) thin dosa.
Smear a liitle oil along the sides, cook till the dosa turns brown and crispy and fold over to make a semi-circle.
Repeat with the remaining batter to make 7 more dosas. Serve hot with fried chutney and sambhar.

For the perfect dosa

Always soak and grind the rice and urad dal separately. Grind urad dal in small portions by adding little water till smooth and frothy.
The dosa batter should not be thick but light. Mix the batter using a ladle starting from the bottom of the vessel as rice paste being heavier than urad dal paste, tends to settle down at the base.
The batter should always be at room temperature. So if you have refrigerated the batter, leave it at room temperature for about an hour before you proceed.
The dosa griddle is traditionally made of cast iron although non stick tavas are more favored now.
To prepare the tava/griddle, heat till it becomes very hot, sprinkle some water. It should evaporate quickly. Wipe with a soft cloth and reduce the flame. Then rub it with a thick slice of potato or onion dipped in oil. Tava should not be too hot while you spread the batter.
If your cast iron griddle is giving you trouble, pour half a cup of salt on it nad heat on a medium flame for about 5 minutes while stirring continuously. Remove the salt and use.
After spreading the dosa batter on the tava/griddle, pour a tsp of oil or ghee along the sides of the dosa and brown it evenly and to ensure that it does not stick to the tava/griddle.

recipe is from: