heavy fried food

heavy fried food

Heavy fried food and also hot, burning hot. Not because the food came directly from the pan, the reason was the chili.
My friend and I had this plate in Chandni Chowk in one of the tiny path. We had paratha, potato and something else. The banana was the only sweet.
The food was good and yummy. This sort of food is okay to eat during holiday and now I have to eat mess food.

Jantar Mantar Complex


Jantar Mantar was built in 1724 by Maharaja Jai Singh – II, the mathematician and astronomer king of Jaipur. The name Jantar Mantar means instrument for calculation. All these instruments can be used for various astronomical calculations.
My friend and I come to this place after a long day with Ho Ho bus.


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Place with color





My friend and me found this graffiti on our way to the tank of water in Hauz Khas. It was hard to find the way to the tank, we needed to ask many people. Some places did not feel that nice.
I specially like the eye and mouth with the words: shut your mouth, open your eye.
The words are so true.

Hauz Khas villege with photos


This is some photos from the best place in whole Delhi, Hauz Khas Villege. Hauz Khas is in a upcoming area, with many small shops and western restaurants. In the area were many couples.

Short about Hauz Khas
Hauz Khans means royal tank, and the tank has even today water. It says that the tank was build in 1300 by Ala-ud-din Khilji to supply water for Siri fort.
During Hauz Khas time many students came across India to study Arabic.
In the area they is buildings for mediation. There is a question mark over the T-shape building, because the function are not known.
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This can not be easy

This can not be easy

A normal day on the road, make it possible to see all sort of transport.
Cars, Auto, bikes and buses, but also cows.
I think it is incredible India has everything on the roads.
A boy pushing a overloaded bike, is not uncommon in India. That is a green India, Delhi.

Found the best place in Delhi

My friend and I went to national museum after hours in a less nice place to get learning license. Well, in national museum (really huge museum) with beautiful arts, from there we took a auto to hauz khas village. Hauz khas village is a very green area, with many stores and restaurants, but also historical buildings from 1350. That area is amazing, I just love it. Would love to go back there.

No Maggie

No Maggie

After a long day in Delhi we came back home and were really hungry. The cook made noodles with vegetables. I have not had this good noodles for very long time and it was not Maggie. Maggie is brand and all Indians love Maggie. If it was possible many Indians would probably eat Maggie to every meal (just kidding).
Funniest part was the noodles were not our dinner, it was our snack at 7 in the evening (normal dinner time in Sweden).