Hauz Khas villege with photos


This is some photos from the best place in whole Delhi, Hauz Khas Villege. Hauz Khas is in a upcoming area, with many small shops and western restaurants. In the area were many couples.

Short about Hauz Khas
Hauz Khans means royal tank, and the tank has even today water. It says that the tank was build in 1300 by Ala-ud-din Khilji to supply water for Siri fort.
During Hauz Khas time many students came across India to study Arabic.
In the area they is buildings for mediation. There is a question mark over the T-shape building, because the function are not known.
My information are from:

This can not be easy

This can not be easy

A normal day on the road, make it possible to see all sort of transport.
Cars, Auto, bikes and buses, but also cows.
I think it is incredible India has everything on the roads.
A boy pushing a overloaded bike, is not uncommon in India. That is a green India, Delhi.

Found the best place in Delhi

My friend and I went to national museum after hours in a less nice place to get learning license. Well, in national museum (really huge museum) with beautiful arts, from there we took a auto to hauz khas village. Hauz khas village is a very green area, with many stores and restaurants, but also historical buildings from 1350. That area is amazing, I just love it. Would love to go back there.

No Maggie

No Maggie

After a long day in Delhi we came back home and were really hungry. The cook made noodles with vegetables. I have not had this good noodles for very long time and it was not Maggie. Maggie is brand and all Indians love Maggie. If it was possible many Indians would probably eat Maggie to every meal (just kidding).
Funniest part was the noodles were not our dinner, it was our snack at 7 in the evening (normal dinner time in Sweden).

What a mess

What a mess

We went to a local market in Delhi. In this market there were very few foreigner, but allot of Indians. We were in Chandni Chowk.
Chandni Chowk is a place where it is possible to find allot of Indian clothes, second hand book, food and allot more. It was more or less impossible to walk.
I think the photo show a India which a think of.

Indian gate in the evening

Indian gate in the evening

my friend told me we needed to visit Indian Gate in the evening when the light is on. The reason is Indian Gate look amazing with light. While during the day time India gate look, just like a gate made by stone.
Indian Gate is not open after 5 pm, because of security reasons. So we could not see the names on Indian Gate.

India Gate was build for the 70 000 Indian solider how lost the life for the Britsh Army during World war I. The memorial has over 13 500 British and Indian soliders names died in the Northwestern Frontier in the Afghan war of 1919.
The Information I got is:
from http://www.delhitourism.gov.in/delhitourism/tourist_place/india_gate.jsp

The Red fort, Lal Qila

The Red fort, Lal Qila

The Red fort is in the older part of Delhi and next to Chandi Chowk. We went with Ho Ho bus to see many historical places. Easiest way to travel between the places. For me the Ho Ho bus cost 1000 rupees and for Indians 300 rupees.
The Red fort is very huge. And the king how build the red fort build also Taj Mahal. Inside the Red fort it is easy to see the summarily between them. I would say Red fort is a very beautiful place. I wish I had more knowledge about Indian history. Anyone how knows a good book to read about Indian history?

This place has different cue for foreigner och Indians and also different prices.
Well Inside the Red fort, with all the people and specially the guys in groups where starring, followed and gave comments. My friend and I said they came to the red fort to look on foreigners. For sure I felt sometimes like a animal in a zoo. We were facing that sort of problem in many places in Delhi.
If my friends are right about way guys are behaving in that way, it is just very sad and pathetic.

In the end I would say this is a most to visit, Red fort/Lal Qila. Amazing architecture.

Delhi street food










This this was in CP. I would say this street food is in similar to Pune Bhel, but still very different. Everyone should try Indian street food, because I think that is a part of Indian food.
The worst part is that the street food is hot and burning the mouth.

Without a mother

Without a mother

In the Mandir a man came to us with a kid (see photo) and he told us this child does not has a mother. The man kept on talking and then said take a photo on her. I still do not really know why, but the girl is very cute.
For sure, Delhi has many homeless people. We saw boys and women taking shower on the street half naked. To live in the street, can not be easy, any where and specially in Delhi.

Kalibari Mandir

Kalibari Mandir

During my first day in the big city. My friend took me on the bus. My friend told me in the front of the bus is for laidies and back of the bus is for the men. Which is diffrernt from Pune local buss, the lady side is on the left side and right side is for the men.

Before we came to Connaught Place (CP), we went to a Mandir (temple). If I got it right, we visit Kalibari.
When we and everyone else entered the temple area, we needed to clean our hands and feet but also but a fabric on our head. (While in church the visit should show the head in God house).

Well, in this very beautiful temple we walked around, heard them reading form the book, went to a pool of water with allot of fishes. Again, if I got it right is for make a wish and it was possible to step down a little bit in the pool.

I could not take any photos inside the temple because cameras were not allowed. That is little sad, but it is just accept it.