Dinner plans again

I do not know where we are going for dinner. Tonight the dinner is with my family and most likelt after the dinner we are going for a cup of coffee. That is our tradition which I love.
During the dinner is our time to spend time as a family. For me, the dinners are holy, I do not plan any activites after the dinners because I want to spend as much time as possible with my brother and parents.

I have to get ready so I do not need to run to Sturplan.


Phil’s Burger

Today was not a normal day. After a long time my family and I went out for dinner. For weeks I have passed this place and felt the amazing sens of food. Therefore I decided we needed to visit the place.
Phil’s has bar and open to 1 am and is very charmful. I would say a more of clean and cold room bu at the same time comfort with the candles.
The menu is not big but has the options of veg and non-veg also small and bigger burgers.
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