Luxury Breakfast at my parents home

Wow, today my parents invited me for breakfast and manage gift and suitcase for India.
The breakfast was amazing, it was a bit of simpler hotel breakfast. I can not complain at all. We had different sort of meat for sandwiches, vegetables, soured milk and yogurt, two types of bread. Lose weight jasmine tea and really nice talks.


Hopefully I have got more or less all the gifts I need, but who knows…. First I have to pack and make lists.



Perfume is always a good gift to a girl. I recivde My burberry perfume from my parents.

One other thing I can not get too many of are perfumes. Some perfumes are more summery than other and therefore not that great to wear in the winter while other are better for winter.


During Christmas I recived two boxes one with make up and the other one was perfume. I have not tried the sense yet, but if I know my mom right and she knows me very well. She has manage to find a sense which I like.


Before I start using this perfume I have to finish a Nina perfume.

Late Christmas gift

Small earings are so much easier to wear than larg and heavy once.


Instead of wearing cheap ear rings from H&M my late christmas gift were earing from NK. The ear rings have the shape of star with stones the color of the metal is red. What I think is the ear rings working perfectly for everyday but also for more dressed up events.


For new year I am going to wear this ear rings with a dress which I have not decided yet.

Make in a box

Wow my parents knows what I like and need!

A girl can not get too much make up. Not at all. Therefore with my limited amount of mascara (I have only one from Bodyshop). To receive mascara and eyliner in Christmas gift were a really good gift.


I have had this brand Esteelauder earlier and I truly trust and know the brand is great.


From the passed summer my family from Canada gifted me a very useful gift. A gift which is useful and consumption product.


The tea is from Edmonton from the local store It is possible to order and get the products shifted. The store has a great selecation of tea, everything from holiday tea to differnet brand. For the first time I am trying Saskatoon tea. For me saskatoon is very Canada. The taste of the tea is very sweet and extremly good!


Oh, I think the tea look like art, tea with big pices with different colors are the most beautiful tea.

Problem with Christmas gift?

I have major problem to know what to give my dad and my brother. They are so hard to gift.

But, I have thought about a cooking class to my dad, Indian cooking class. For a year ago my dad and I went to one of Sanjoo cooking classes and it was pretty nice to be a part in a group and cook Indian food. Some of the dishes were more wellknown Indian dishes than other.

The photo is from the cooking class website.

Sanjoo has non-veg and veg cooking classes and the classes are 3 hour long. In the end of the class is a buffet with all the food so everyone can try each others food.


The biggest problem is, will my dad have time to go to the class and who  will go with him? One thing is for sure, my brother would not attend the class…

I think this is a great gift for Christmas to someone who like cooking and also like Indian food. A reason is that you cook the food with other people, get great tips from Sanjoo. There is a difference between attending a cooking class and following a recipe from a book or internet.

Christmas shopping

A good part to have a brother is to share the costs for Christms gifts, so a student like me can gift nice things.

Yes, my mom´s gifts are done. My bother and I splitting the costs so we can buy better gifts togther than two less great gifts to her.
The question was which brand should she get, I know she loves some brands but which one is the better one? I do not dear to write what she is getting, but the gifts are really great! My brother had the idea.


What I really like with NK, is that NK has the cute gifts bag and it look fancy and easy to open. Also, the gifts standing out from the all the gifts with christmas paper…. You know what I am talking about. On top of that, no one can make a misstake and mix the gifts are from an other store. The gifts are from the best store in Stockholm.

Sometimes the kids in the family can spoil the parents too.. It does not happen very many times of the year, but once in a blue moon.

Next big question is what should dad get?! Why is it much harder to buy gifts for men and to dad? I do not… They never have a list of things which they wish. Why are men so boring?…