One par is out and other is in

I have realized my shoes collection has mostly only black high heels or any form of high heels. Which means, I have too few of flat shoes and that is too enjoying because it is hard to walk longer distance in heels.
Also, I have been to lazy to buy new flats. The reason is very simple, why should I buy new shoes when I will not be in Sweden for so much longer then a year more. It is crazy how fast the time moves on. Therefore, I do not want to spend money on new clothes, bags or shoes, because they will last for a period and I m going to face huge problems next May.


Instead of buying, I asked my mom if she has any par of shoes for me. Lucky me she had. Blue and  colorful shoes. On top of that, they are so extremely comfortable to walk in and you do not really feel you wear any shoes. Well, this shoes will mostly only last this summer, because of the material but on the other hand, they are perfect summer shoes.


Cute shoes for sure.

ThE thesis is handled in

Finally the thesis is handled in yesterday and all my energy disappeared in the afternoon Still, somehow I manage to be awake to 2 am after the work out.

However, in the afternoon the exchange student I am mentor for met me at the café to just hang out and chat about last weekends show. On top of that she had a super sweet birthday gift for me. The gift might look tiny but the meaning is hugh and thoughtful. So in the end the gift is much more bigger then I have thought it would be.
First I got a small card in Swedish, then a candy bag with Haribo (german sweet) and the best part a book for future plans. A book for planning!! She know how much I love to plan and have organizing, but sometimes it doesn’t turn out how I have plan.


Perfect for a evening out

Nude color, not to high heels. The heels are from L.K Bennett and does not hurt my feet yet. However, I have to talk in the heels. This heels will be great with basic and more dressed up. So, I think this heels will be great in the summer, when the weather is better.

The green wedges were easy and more comfortable then I thought.

New form Kazakstan or was it Kirgizstan

So, may be my old indoor shoes from India have got a completion. This shoes are from one of the stan country, I do not know which one. The shoes are very warm and comfortable to use. At the same time extremely different form our style in Sweden and the west countries. Really, comfortable but I would never use them outside my flat.


So what was the gifts?

Well, my brother and I have agreed to not give each other any gifts as long we are students and do not have a real income. The reason is very simple, we prefer to save our money to be able to spend on something we really want to have/use. Also just to buy a gift, for the sake of giving a gift feels unassay for us. We are waiting to the time we have a fixed income. But, we are giving gifts to our parents and grandparents, but not between us.
So, the gifts I received were, a hand towel, a lens and money. The towel is perfect because the thieves from the break in got a lot of my towels. I have wished for the lens to take photos on distance, because the lens with the camera is limited. Also, money are always good to get, especially when I am planning to travel next year.

Bollywood movie evening

So, this evening I am going to see Finding fanny, a bollywood movie. I hope the movie is good but I do not know. It is so hard to tell with movies. Well, keep your fingers cross.
Due to the movie I decided to wear a dress which I found at my parents house. The dress has been my mom’s party dresser in the 80’s as you can see with the style but somehow that is the beauty with the dress. My mom said, even if the dress has been dinner/party dresses, it is better you use it then the dress just lying in a box. So, I got it!
While looking on the dress you can see the dress is loos and big but suits pretty good for the summer in my opinion. The fabric is very soft and comfortable and does not cut in anywhere.


High heels are out from the box

Yesterday I had a crazy day.
First of all, during the whole day I did not have any special to do. Like study a bit took a walk and so on. But then in the evening everything happened. I went to a workout group class (not that great because the trainer spoke about nonsense during the songs and sang with the songs in the microphone). Then a fast shower and dinner to run to the Rotract meeting.
Well, because of the beautiful evening and the need of dressing up I took my only very summerish high heels shoes (comfortable too). Most of my shoes are black perfect for fall and winter.
The green high heels are never used before and been in the with all my other shoes for 2 years. My family in Canada gifted them to me when I was there to visit them.


This type of heels are never out, every summer the brands sell this sort of heels. Every year, also with the same color.
Well, I thought of this shoes with my back Ritu Kumar dress or with a green top. So many dresses works with them! This summer I have to use this shoes much more! Heels are in and flats are out (Not at all). Heels are beautiful but really uncomfortable for longer walks.