Happy Holi

Yesterday, I was in the hostel but we as many other had a fire.
They light the fire at 8 and they walked around it and I do not know what.
What I did was just to observe what they did. It was pretty interesting, and try to get an answer why Holi is celebrated and with fire.
Some of my friends did not have any answer why they Holi is celebrated, even if some of them from Punjab. what I understood was Holi is from Punjab and is not original celebrated in the south of India.
What I understood from my friends more or less, in simple explanation was demons tried to kill the son. The son pried to a god. female demon tired to kill the son in the fire and the female had a mantel cover around her, but the son god came and cover the son with the mantel and the demon died instead. Very simple explanation.


Then today is holi with all the colors. The girls here, started to play around with colors at 9-ish and it is not safe to leave the room if you do not want to get color on you. But they are suppose to celebrate holi in the basement, but they play everywhere in the hostel.
Many in second and third year are not going to play because of our exams (they start from tomorrow and keep on till end of March).
Also, I asked why they are celebrating holi with all the colors. My friend answered, it is to forget and forgive all the negative perception, thoughts you have towards other people, person. And start on a new page, enjoy.
More or less, what she said.

Happy Holi!

till a limited

My limited of being sick has passed, I can not stay in bed anymore. I have to start preparing for my exams. Right now I am studying brand management about brand tracking. Brand tracking is little tricky for me, brand line, product line, brand portfolio and so on… which we have to understand and know.

Still I am not 100 % recover, but what to do, I have to do other things then be in bed and watch movies and sleep.
Today’s plan is studying, eat (I finally got back my appetite) go to the gym and work out little bit, on the cardio machine.

A friend of mine has invited to celebrate Holi in the evening at her place. They will have fire, pooja and also dinner. Hopefully I will have energy to go to her place.

Yummy chocolate

May be this is the best part with being sick is all the chocolate I can eat.
Also a good part is all the chocolates are Swedish, my parents gave them to me. Good to have chocolate at home when the days are low.
Now, when I am sick and in India. Whooopoo I can eat chocolate till I get sick of chocolate too (haha).

No matter how I feel tomorrow, I have to go to the gym and do some cardio. Right now I am missing the gym.

This is just great

Speaking about getting sick…
Yesterday evening I started to get sick and fall asleep at 10 in the night. I waked up for breakfast, took milk and eggs and went back to my room. I was full after the oat (which is normally very little for me). My body was screaming for more rest.
Every time I am suppose to go to an other floor I normally take the stairs, but to day, I have absolutely no energy.
It is now, 11:20 I just walked up, I got more or less 13 hours sleep. My head is feeling like a dough.
My plans for studies is to forget about, or I will try…
Then I had made plan to meet my Friend and get homemade food and go out. That is a impossible.

Today is a very bad sick day…. Thank God that the gym is close today for maintaining!



I had this “Word-finder” since I came to India, but had totally forgot.
The book I found over my desk and started to do some puzzles. A pretty good time pass.
The puzzles are fun to do.
Specially when we have holiday till our external exams start on the 19th of March till the 25th of March.

An assignment, handwritten


Yesterday, I finally finished my assignment in Human Rights.
The assignment was with 1500 – 2000 words, and worst part Handwritten.
Handwritten assignment with 1500 words. It took me 2,5-3 hours to complete it. In the end I did not even care the spelling errors. Also, probably I wrote less then 1500 words.
How would even count how many words there are, it was at least 5 pages.

Strenght does not come form physical capacity

Strenght does not come form physical capacity

In some minuets I going to my gym for lower body exercises. I prefer lower body then upper body, just more fun.
My bag is pack with everything I need. Thanks good for weekend, because normally my bag wight is around 5 kg now half of the wight.
Then in the evening I might meet up a friend, let see how many cup of coffee I need to stay awake!

I can not belive I have energy for gym, when it was really hard to complete my assignment today.

Got a parcel with Chrsitmas feelings

Last days I have been waiting to get a parcel from Sweden.
This is a big percale from my lovely parents in Sweden. For sure I was not ready to get this big Christmas percale from them.  Image

So, instead of doing my assignment in emotional intelligence & leadership, I started with my new project. Open the big blue box.
what I found first was a broken gingerbread biscuit box broken and felt the smell of the yummy Christmas cookies.
Well, the parcel had allot of Christmas sweets and it gave me some Christmas feeling. Right now or nowadays we have 27 degree hot during the day (what we have in Sweden during a warm summer day).
This some of what were inside the parcel.
Christmas chocolate calender, hard bread, Christmas sweets, chocolate and a Swedish book.
Well, now I am facing a problem with all the yummy sweets and my diet.
What to do, this made my day and 1,5 hours in the gym.

The chocolate I got, too much for me. Marabou know how to make good chocolate. While Indian chocolates are just sweet.

Normal day with food

Normal tiffiny

My normal food to college, 40% of my bag is with food, 50 % gym clothes and 10 % study material (tab).

A fruit for 10:00 snack, I have to eat that before the class, we are not allowed to eat during class.
2 boxes with vegetables and 200 ml curd for lunch.
Before the gym I have to eat a bowl of fruits and dry dates.
Therefor after the gym drink protein powder shake.

But when the mess serve mix salad or something like that, I do not need to bring my own vegetables. Which mean more space in my bag!

But for dinner the mess serve dosa, dosa is good, I love dosa. On the other side dosa has no protein or anything I need to eat. Thank good I have a refrigerator in my room with food!

When it is chicken roll in the mess

When it is chicken roll in the mess

Today´s dinner is chicken roll and veg/cheese rolls. In the end the mess is almost empty, more or less all girls order food from outside.
It is possible to get the food home delivered, to know Marathi and/or Hindi is a very good plus. So for me, because I can not speak any of those languages it is easier for me to order take away.
I bought tandoori chicken and veg tandoori with mushrooms. Everything were burning hot, but better then chicken rolls.