Got a parcel with Chrsitmas feelings

Last days I have been waiting to get a parcel from Sweden.
This is a big percale from my lovely parents in Sweden. For sure I was not ready to get this big Christmas percale from them.  Image

So, instead of doing my assignment in emotional intelligence & leadership, I started with my new project. Open the big blue box.
what I found first was a broken gingerbread biscuit box broken and felt the smell of the yummy Christmas cookies.
Well, the parcel had allot of Christmas sweets and it gave me some Christmas feeling. Right now or nowadays we have 27 degree hot during the day (what we have in Sweden during a warm summer day).
This some of what were inside the parcel.
Christmas chocolate calender, hard bread, Christmas sweets, chocolate and a Swedish book.
Well, now I am facing a problem with all the yummy sweets and my diet.
What to do, this made my day and 1,5 hours in the gym.

The chocolate I got, too much for me. Marabou know how to make good chocolate. While Indian chocolates are just sweet.

Normal day with food

Normal tiffiny

My normal food to college, 40% of my bag is with food, 50 % gym clothes and 10 % study material (tab).

A fruit for 10:00 snack, I have to eat that before the class, we are not allowed to eat during class.
2 boxes with vegetables and 200 ml curd for lunch.
Before the gym I have to eat a bowl of fruits and dry dates.
Therefor after the gym drink protein powder shake.

But when the mess serve mix salad or something like that, I do not need to bring my own vegetables. Which mean more space in my bag!

But for dinner the mess serve dosa, dosa is good, I love dosa. On the other side dosa has no protein or anything I need to eat. Thank good I have a refrigerator in my room with food!

When it is chicken roll in the mess

When it is chicken roll in the mess

Today´s dinner is chicken roll and veg/cheese rolls. In the end the mess is almost empty, more or less all girls order food from outside.
It is possible to get the food home delivered, to know Marathi and/or Hindi is a very good plus. So for me, because I can not speak any of those languages it is easier for me to order take away.
I bought tandoori chicken and veg tandoori with mushrooms. Everything were burning hot, but better then chicken rolls.

A part of the hostel room

A part of the hostel room

I have been in this hostel for 5 months and I call hostel home nowadays. For 5 months sharing room with a other girl. On one side of the room is “my” side with a bed and a desk and on the other side is my roommate side. It is hard to make the hostel room personal or have time for yourself.

We have also a refrigerator in our room because I am guess in the country and have a other food habits. I am very thankful.
Normally, the rooms do not have refrigerator or AC.

Flower power

Flower power

I do not know what to say, besides college was good and I finally met my very good friend.
We had a coffee and talked allot.
At 4 I was in the gym. Came back to hostel and was with a friend.
No studies, no nothing right now. Just very tired after the the gym.
I will watch two and half men. Two and half men with Charlie is the best TV show. I can watch the show over and over again.

A better time pass then a movie

A better time pass then a movie

With the gym I have become very tired in the evenings and have not had any energy for a movie or go out for food.

Instead I have been reading a book about cooking and next book to read is India a history (the book is on my shelf). Today I did the last thing on my latest sketch, or more right to say, I am not interested to do any more work on the sketch. Already now I see how I can improve it.

All most all of my friends are busy with planing Punes biggest college fest. Can wait to see how the fest will be! Everyone is talking about it. The fest is in January.

First day in college

Finally I have met many of my friends. It was very nice to meet them in college , however many of the prof. and students will not be in college during the first week.
For me I have college from 9:15 – 2:00, four subjects. First class is Emotional intelligence and leadership for team building, second is brand management, third Environmental risk management and last Projects (problem identification). Hopefully, I will also be able to study a subject from Sweden.
Today, in college I only had one class and it was brand management and I think the subject will be very interesting to study.

After college, in the heat (27 degrece hot and then sun) I walked to my gym and paid for personal trainer. If I do not have anyone waiting on me and pushing me, then the gym would not see me. So I have to have someone to push me. maybe you think I just going to attend the gym for a months and the quite, but no, I will go to the gym for 6/7 days in a week.
From today, my holiday is over, which means less restaurant food, street food, sweets, deep fried and so on. Best part is I do not drink alcohol at all.

For a day ago I ordered some books and I got the books today. Delivered to my door. Suspenseful it is possible to pay with cash. Why dose not this exist in Sweden, pay with cash? So much easier and saftier then pay with card.