two weeks left

So right now it is two weeks left and I had my last work day today. It feels different to only have studies and no work. However, I am sure the two last weeks will be a lot studies and no calm minutes.

The other thing, when I am in India I hope I am going to learn more Indian cooking, because at home I have learn how to make pav bhaji, stuffed paratha, and many other Indian dishes. Hopefully I will lean other daal dishes, veg and paneer.



Back once again

Well, well, well.
Interesting things have been going on. Plans have not turn out something else and still I am in Sweden and studying my master.
However, the best part is I am soon back in Pune for my master thesis. I received a scholarship to conduct a research in India and with is less than three weeks. Very soon I am going to be back home in India. I am more excited and nervous at the same, more nervous now than normally. For two months I won’t be in Sweden.
How will my data collection turn out to be? Will I manage to collect all data which is needed.


Best news ever!

The trip to India starting to look much better now!

The reason is very simple. First of all I have figure out how many days I am going to be in Mumbai and where I am going to stay. A problem is to travel from Mumbai to Pune…. The plan is to leave on the 19th after having breakfast with a good friend of mine. Than on the 19th evening I m going to stay with a old friend of mine. Most likely I have to say hey to my families before my friend and I leaving for Goa on the 21st night. Yes, we are travling by night bus to Goa and arriving in the morning. In Goa we are going to stay at my friends friends place and leaving on the 25th night to Pune. Also, I got the awesome news some other friends are joining us in Goa! To meet some very old friends afrer 2 years is something I can not explain.

IMG_6120 1.jpg

Back in Pune my friend has invted me to a wedding which I am attending (The very first wedding I am going to). Let see if I am going to all three days functions. After the wedding I am meeting up some other friends and families. On the 6th of Feburary is the journey back to Mumbai… and my plan is leaving in the morning.

To think about leaving India makes me sad. I know it is crazy because I am not even there but I have this hate/love realtionship with India….

What I got from my friend

A friend in India has ths cute dog and sometimes m friend send photos on the dog.

When I saw the dog, I could not stop laugh because in my eyes the dog does not look happy at all. Also, who dress the dog out like this?! Anyways, the dog is too cute. If it was possible I would love to have a pet as company.


Papaya in my dreams

Is it possible to dream about eating fruits?


Today was a bit slow for me after the limited amount of sleep. However, today I manange to take visa photos and tomorrow I am going to the visa center.
Also, I am so excited to eat papaya, I know it is off season, but papaya and mango are my love. Simple a whole meal can be skiped and instead having papaya.
In Goa ou dinner plans are to eat cheap and enjoy the beaches and parties. So, I guessing we will have a lot of fruits! 😀

Everyday ring

Some things are just there and whenever I do not wear rings I feel so naked. I can skip ear rings without any problems, but my rings are a big no no, I can not miss them. 

During a normal day, I have to wear two rings, if I do not and miss. I get worried that I might have lost the ring/rings, which have happened eariler. Anyways, there are some rings which are for everyday use. Some are in gold and other in silver. Right, now i am in silver mood and only wearing silver rings.


Anyways, this ring is 5-6 years old and bought it in India. I do not now if it was in the south or in the north. One thing is for sure, I did not buy the ring in Pune. Too costly place for tourist things.

The offical preparations can start now

In earlier posts have been about my family in India and about my sisters wedding (which I can not attend due to fianl exams). But, she did send some photos from a ritual which they have before the offical preparations for the wedding could start.

My question is why this ritual what is the history behind it, what do they do during the ritual? The only thing I could figure out was the people at the ritual were women from the family. Also, everyone were really beautiful in the sarees. Still what do they do at the ritual? I do know and can even understand from the photos…

Does anyone know? I am so lost!