Redfrom Lakme

Color to a black top.


Today is new year and today I have to work to 10 pm but that does not stop me to get ready and dressed up for new year. I skiped the black nail polish and instead uing a red one.

Let see how the evening is going to be a the office. Will we get many or few calls? Let see. Hopefully few calls so I can apply make up and all party ready.



Hand cream in the winter

Only because the winter is THAT could, it is still impotant to keep the hands smooth.


For me, I have always loved using hand cream. I think the problem is to find a good lasting cream with a great sense. Some cream gives smooth hands but only for a short time. However, this cream from Crabtree & Evelyn have greatest sense and smooth lasting for the hands. Worst part is that the cream is not the same price as H&M….

This is one other thing which I have always with me beside make up, hand cream!


Make in a box

Wow my parents knows what I like and need!

A girl can not get too much make up. Not at all. Therefore with my limited amount of mascara (I have only one from Bodyshop). To receive mascara and eyliner in Christmas gift were a really good gift.


I have had this brand Esteelauder earlier and I truly trust and know the brand is great.

Gloss Love

I do not have only food in my fridge, all liqued make up is there too.

Many of my lip gloss is half empty or lying in different bags. Some in my bagpack, other in my sholderbag and in two or three different handbags. Therefore, if I have a specific lipgloss or lip stick in mind it can take sometime to find the right one. But, all the lips gloss and sticks which are not in se right now are in the fridge.


I have tried this lip gloss for somedays from Lacome and I really love it. It is glossy and add some red/pinkish color on the lips. May be the best part during winter season it does not try out the lips. The color is strong but looks really nice for everyday wear.


Perfect for new year

For new yaer my plan is very simple. The plan is combine with studies, work and party. Perfect combination for must and work.



The nail polish is some years old. But due to work before 00 makes it impossible to be too dressed up with proper new year dress. I think I am going to wear a nicer top and top.  Which mean my plan is to keep my clothes simpler with black with sparkles nail polish. This is still okay to have during everyday life and to parties.


A good facecream?

Is it only me who has problem to find good face cream?

I have not find a great face cream yet, instead I have tried so many different creams and brands. The thing is it is very easy to spend money on creams, but the biggest task is to find a good cream for budget price. As a student the budget is limited for skin and beauty.


Therefore I have got Apoliva face cream, it is a basic cream and nothing special at all. I got this cream because it is better than nothing and I really like the face wash products from Apoliva.

Red and more red

Love red lipsticks, nothing can be wrong with a lipsticks.


This lipstick is red but not super strong red. When I got it I had a hope that the lipstick would be much stronger in color and less glossy, however after some days of using it, I love it. The lipstick is good, no perfect for winter and summer.