Now it is cold

No words is needed….

Now it is cold. I am going to manage this winter? My ears, fingers and feets are feeling cold both inside and outside. Should I look like the michelin? May be as long as I can keep me warm. My fingers are always truning pinkish when the temprature is under 0… Even when I have my super winter gloves… Something is wrong for sure.


An other day

Yestarday evening was one of those days when the brain goes 150 % and all the thoughts makes no sense. Somehow, the time passed by and I was thinking about where I want to be in the future. This sort fo thoguths should never happen before bed, never, becasue the thought does not stop. So next time I saw the time, the clock indicated the bed had passed for long time ago.


I am guessing everyone is facing this sort of days every now and then. However, today is less great day, my mood is haning in from last night. But the best part is I am meeting my family today for dinner at home. It is on time to meet them again.

Very very last, I think I need a break from my phone. To be 24/7 reachable is tyring too….

Sometimes it is not working


Well there is elk in the way and any way I tried to get on the back I could not. Either it was to high up or I had too much on me such a back protection, three layers of pants etc.
Any way, sometimes things are ment to be tried and be a failure. The only thing I can do is to learn and try to ignore the big elk in the way or try an other methods.
We are half way in the week! šŸ˜€

A slice for me and you


What a day. It feels like the days with bad news does not end. Not only can not my friend and I manage a skype evening. But now I got to know, the dress won’t arrive till the Diwali festival. I had so much hope to get my dress on time. May be that is the thing, timings are not the strongest side for many people. Therefore I have to look on my old dresses what to wear and I am totally lost. One thing is for sure, I can not wear a black dress for Diwali. The festival for light!
Any way, this is a small issue.

Found this one on my computer

Foto 0460

You know the feeling when you are looking on old photos and realizing how much you have done during the past years. Also, realizing where did the time go and it is impossible to find a good answer. So, while looking on my old photos, from trips, friends and also my old drawings i realized I was not that good on drawing. But, sketching was my time for only me and what have done? I should start with the sketching again. I should and may be cut down the gym. But it is so hard to not go to te gym.
Anyway, I have done some more work which is on my computer, but not many. Most of my sketches are not with me anymore and most likely been burned up with all the garbages. Anyway, it is always fun to look on old photos and truly I have to print some photos if anything happens with my computer, cloud or external harddisk.

Oh no

Oh yes, it is the season of sickness…. I have felt how the cold has arrived in my body. The throat is hurting and coughing. How will I be able toĀ  work out tomorrow evening if I am like this now? Damn fall. Not only the weather is getting worst for every day and now I have to be sick…. Not okay

Are you kidding with me

Last night was horrible, I have not felt anything like this before.
From 10:30 pm to 4 am I was awake. Everytime i tried to fall alseep my mind started to processing about what I want to do and where. With that mind it is really hard to relax and fall asleep. Instead the mind made me stressed up and not at all tired.
At 3 am I thoguht I shoudl may be go to the gym, but I did not want to leave my bed… Instead I heard the news paper arrived and my hunger build up very fast. Till the end, my mind could not make me more stressed up even thou it tried I slept heavly after 4.

The alarm clock started 6 am and since than I have been up and feeling good. Not to tired but I am waiting for the bomb to come and hit me hard.

I am keeping my fingers crossed

I do not know, how can something that smalll carrying so much horrible things. How? Is it not enough with getting a bite and itching part. No, not at all. Instead some people have the risks to get malaria and dengue fever. Thank god we in sweden do not need to worry about malaria or dengue fever. Dengue fever is the worst sickness of them, 25 % risk to die.
So, I hope none you know is getting dengue fever. There are so many stories I ahve heard from family friends and college friends about people who died of dengue fever. Somethings are not to joke around and one of them is the risk with mosquitos.
Good night


Sometimes, it feels good to keep on walking and not knowing were the road is taking you. So in the end you just need to follow is your inner feelings.

I wish I had more photos

I have realized how important it is to make backup on all the important part, I am talking about photos. Yes, I keep the photos on my computer, external hard drive and some on a cloud. However, there is something missing to have all the photos digital. This actually holding the photos and look at them, be able to hold them in front of you.


On the other side, by experiences I have lost half of all my photos from 2010-11 and therefore I have to print out the most important photos and put in a photo album. Sight, so much to do. On the other side, I do not want to have too many albums with old photos. Well what to do?


Dyslexia and languages

Today I went to a meeting to discuss about what sort of support for reading and writing. We agreed to order TorTalk, stavaRex and spellright. Then I asked the speech specialist if it possible to have dyslexia in other languages such as Hindi, Mandarin and Arabic. Those languages do not have the same letters as us, so may be people do not same the issues with dyslexia with the reading or/and spelling.


The photo is from Pune, near to a local college with open area to take a walk. The lady sold different forms of cereal. The lady was so sweet, and in the end I do not think she took over price when I bought it alone.

For example may be theĀ languages which spell the words as the sounds are easier for people with dyslexia. The speech specialist did not have good answer on my question, but said may be people with a good virtual memory has easier to read Mandarin. Also, I got to know, the speech specialist told me they do not recommend any practices for older people due to lack of time and that we have done exercises when we kids. Instead we should get the habits of using the support products in our common life.