I am keeping my fingers crossed

I do not know, how can something that smalll carrying so much horrible things. How? Is it not enough with getting a bite and itching part. No, not at all. Instead some people have the risks to get malaria and dengue fever. Thank god we in sweden do not need to worry about malaria or dengue fever. Dengue fever is the worst sickness of them, 25 % risk to die.
So, I hope none you know is getting dengue fever. There are so many stories I ahve heard from family friends and college friends about people who died of dengue fever. Somethings are not to joke around and one of them is the risk with mosquitos.
Good night


Sometimes, it feels good to keep on walking and not knowing were the road is taking you. So in the end you just need to follow is your inner feelings.

I wish I had more photos

I have realized how important it is to make backup on all the important part, I am talking about photos. Yes, I keep the photos on my computer, external hard drive and some on a cloud. However, there is something missing to have all the photos digital. This actually holding the photos and look at them, be able to hold them in front of you.


On the other side, by experiences I have lost half of all my photos from 2010-11 and therefore I have to print out the most important photos and put in a photo album. Sight, so much to do. On the other side, I do not want to have too many albums with old photos. Well what to do?


Dyslexia and languages

Today I went to a meeting to discuss about what sort of support for reading and writing. We agreed to order TorTalk, stavaRex and spellright. Then I asked the speech specialist if it possible to have dyslexia in other languages such as Hindi, Mandarin and Arabic. Those languages do not have the same letters as us, so may be people do not same the issues with dyslexia with the reading or/and spelling.


The photo is from Pune, near to a local college with open area to take a walk. The lady sold different forms of cereal. The lady was so sweet, and in the end I do not think she took over price when I bought it alone.

For example may be the languages which spell the words as the sounds are easier for people with dyslexia. The speech specialist did not have good answer on my question, but said may be people with a good virtual memory has easier to read Mandarin. Also, I got to know, the speech specialist told me they do not recommend any practices for older people due to lack of time and that we have done exercises when we kids. Instead we should get the habits of using the support products in our common life.

This can not happen


My external hard drive is broken. Instead of working it make the sad sound, something like I tried to start but gave up,
On the hard drive all my photos from 2010 till now are saved on it with my music collections and movies. How can I get my memories? I do not know.

When I told my family about my situation the answer was. Have you done a back up? Yea, the hard drive was my back up and no I did not do a internet based back up on a could.

Therefor, I might have lost all my photos from my first visit in India and christmas celebrations here in Sweden…. The most important for me are the photos and I do not want them to be gone while on the other side the musics, movies can be gone. That is not a personal belonging and I can buy the tracks again, but that is not possible with  photos. Sight, hopeless with technique.

Well, I am a foodie.
Might say I love to cooking, baking and eating. On the other hand, I do not like standing in the kitchen and making food for me only. That might be the worst thing I know.
In that sort of situations, I opening the refrigerator and looking inside. If there is some left overs. My soul becomes the happiest one at the moment. But, if there is no food. I am facing a huge problem. My food becomes something boring and not that great tasting, but fast preparation time. For example, some vegetables, eggs and a slice of bread.
To eat breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner alone for a day might be okay, but for more then a day. In the end THAT is killing me. There for, I am love having company over a meal. I need company.

My body is still use having all the meals in the mess. What I think is India has changed me in many ways, for example, I have realized how much I love company and people around me.
But, the problem or feelings I am having is not unique, instead I think it is a common feeling for people to feel. We need companies, simple.

exam week

Okay I have to confess my internet is still down and I don’t dear to touch or try to fix it by myself. Technology and me are not best friends.
On top of that we all students have exam week this week. Which mean we are just studying for the exam. So I don’t want to interrupt with the exams preparations there for still no internet at home.WP_20140602_001

Also the weather is horrible nowadays. Windy, cold and dark also with allot of rain. Why can’t we get snow?
Before the winter arrives I will look at summer days.
This photo is from my work at a cafe at Värmdö. A typical summer cafe in Sweden. Very nice place to visit.