What I found on sale!

For some months I have complain about my gym clothes needed to get some updates. Therefore today on second or first day of sale.



After my work shift I went directly to Kista to find Stadium. Sure, Stadium are located all over Stockholm. At the same time most likely the stores in the sold out all the common sizes such as 36-40 in women clothes.
Moreover, I am very pleased with what I got for 400 sek. A par of pants (black and pink), a sport bra and two tops one pinkpink and a black. I love the bright pink color! Life become more fun with pink.


The 25th of December

Hello Everyone!
Once again Merry Christmas.


(the beggining of Christmas tree decoration?

From today to the 27th are working days for me, 9 hours shifts. Many stores are having the first real winter day sale today and I am not being one of the people tring to find good deals. I got more than need.

Tonight I am going to show what I got in Christmas gifts. All the gifts are very much what I whised for!

On top of that, what I am really looking forwards is the christmas food on sale such as Christmas ham,

Good as a Conditioner

Finally I got a effective conditioner for my hair.

The thing is this brand Apoliva has some good products while other is less great. One of the products I tried was the face scrub which has too less scrub from my taste. But, the worst part it feels like some sort of silikon or product is left on my face.

However, the conditioner is the opposite of the scrube. I mean the product does not leave anything in my hair. Also the product makes my hair soft and easy to brush. For sure, this product is great and I will buy this in future too.

A good facecream?

Is it only me who has problem to find good face cream?

I have not find a great face cream yet, instead I have tried so many different creams and brands. The thing is it is very easy to spend money on creams, but the biggest task is to find a good cream for budget price. As a student the budget is limited for skin and beauty.


Therefore I have got Apoliva face cream, it is a basic cream and nothing special at all. I got this cream because it is better than nothing and I really like the face wash products from Apoliva.

Red and more red

Love red lipsticks, nothing can be wrong with a lipsticks.


This lipstick is red but not super strong red. When I got it I had a hope that the lipstick would be much stronger in color and less glossy, however after some days of using it, I love it. The lipstick is good, no perfect for winter and summer.

Welcome and good bye

The best body loation is empty, I have loved the loation every singel day. THe rich sense and the creamy cream have been amazing for my skin.


However, there are more body loation than the brand from India. From today I am going to try Body shops body loation. I have not really used a lot of Body shops products earlier, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that body shops body loation is good. Most likely it won’t be as good as my eariler one  Forest essential but at least better than many other brands.

Forest essential is the best brand in skin care, at least the products have really rich ense of variations and soften the skin. If there is time left and money my last rupees are so going to one of forest essential produkcts (they are expensive).

Rotaract we did it

Awesome work!

Today Rotaract had this amazing event with ICA MAXI in Lindhagen. We did a charity work with statsmissionen to collect things for the people in the need. Statsmissionen requsted warm gloves, socks, soap, and other items. We stod at the entrens and at the exit to inform the project and to  collect the items which people purchased.


The thing is, people donated a lot! I mean, we got three shopping carts full! I must say, the shopper did the whole project a success and thanks to ICA MAXI. It was a big joy to be a part of the event!