A great thing with Whatsapp

Becasue of many of my friends are not in Sweden and it is impossible to call them all the time. I am really glad to have whatsapp. Not only because of the easy why to send text but also picture’s. My friends and me are changing picture sometimes and I trully love to see how other countries are looking. For example, I get photos from India (well, surprise, surprise…), Hong Kong, Saudi and other more from India. How great is it? I love that.



This two photos are taken in Hong Kong. I do not know what to say beside, this is nothing like Stockholm. If I ever wnat to visit Hong Kong I have to have friend living there, but I do not want to visit Hong Kong alone, without knowing anyone there. The reason is very simple, Hong Kong is too different from Stockholm.

outdoor movie

Yesterday, my friend and I went to a outdoor movie. The movie was the last one during stockholm filmfestival. However, my friend and I gave up on the movie after 30 minutes. Due, to bad volume, and coldness. May be we were not prepared for the coldness but when it is almost impossible to hear the voices so it would not be fun to stay.
On the other side, I am not at all upset due to the movie, because after a long time we finaly met!

Back from holiday

Well, to leave home feels always good to get a break from the normal life and be able to enjoy something different. In my case, a holiday up in the north is not at all new, I have done that since I was a kid. However, it is not everyday I can be out in the forest and pick berries till I start dream about berries in the night.
However, yesterday was a typical summer day. That means, being out in the forest for the whole day, become too tired to think and dinner at home. After the dinner it was time to make jam till 1 am. I made blueberry jam on 4-5 kg blueberries and my parents made jam on our cloudberries. Moveover, at 5 am the alarm rang to wake us up for the bus to stockholm.
Now, I am back home and unpacking, feeling pleased with the passed week. But, it is always good to be back home, in my own flat.

are there anything more to say?


I must say sometimes I am lucky. For example, I am working at this super small Café from the last 5 years and are there anything to say then, I am lucky. The café is typical summer café near to Stockholm by car, it take 45 minutes.

In the evenings, the sunset can not be any more beautiful then this, at least in Stockholm after 12 hours shift. Then, to sit outside with a cup of tea and a sandwich is not too bad. There are almost no people after 10 pm so it is very quite and relaxing. During thus hours I can finally think and just feel calm.
Nothing, almost can be better then this, also, this is a part of my summer nowadays. To feel it is summer I have to spend some days at the café and in the north. When I have been at the 2 places, then I can say summer is here for sure.


Great start of Friday. Today, I decided to wake up at 6 am on my holiday. At 7 to 8 am I was at the gym and was at a bodybalance class. before I thought the bodybalance, yoga were less great workout. But, I might have to change my opining about bodybalance. Because, somehow my body enjoy the stretching and some sort of strength exercises.
Summer is here, the sun is up and 20 degrees outside.

Working again


Well, I do not think I have any free time, beside from yesterday. We handled in out thesis and I spend the whole evening with a friend. We plaid cards had BBQ chicken and just chilled.
Today is totally opposite. I am sitting infront of my computer and writing and printing out documents, a lot of them. I never tough I would be busy with work during the first week of holiday. But, I am. Really busy and I do not think I will have a lot of free time this summer either. Well, what to do! I shall not complain.

Great news

We passed with our thesis, we presented our work yesterday.
before the presentation we were so nervous that we would get questions or hear our work was totally wrong. Instead, we got few questions and what have to be added such as more perspectives. Then everything is done.

You must understand my feeling. For the first time I could really relax in the evening when I met my friend. I have not had this inner calmness for a very long time.

However, beside the work on our thesis during the upcoming week. My summer is already fixed more or less.
I have a job, which requiring me to work twice a week. Then I might work at a summer café. The café was my first job, so it feels good to be there when ever I get time. Then, after midsummer the photo class starts for only 4 days. Also, I do get holiday too which means I won’t be in Stockholm. Instead in Malmö, Småland and in the north.

So, I can not wait to get summer break!


Also, I am so excited for the berry season to start in the North. When, I am up in the north and walk around in the forest to pick blueberries and  raspberries. Then I am in heaven. Sweden is may be one of the most beautifulness countries in the summer.  I am going to miss the summer when I am studying abroad.

Starting to rethink again

Well, I was really happy to get the opportunity to study a summer course but now I am not that sure anymore if I should.
The reason is simple, either I study and earn less and most likely have some tricky months with our research paper. Or I can skip the summer course and work more, manage to complete the paper without any problems and study a course at Folkuniversitet instead.
So, I do not know. I would love to study religion, but may be it is not that great it is campus based. Oh I do not know.

Summer course or work more and study at folkuniversitet. I DO NOT KNOW. What shall I do?… Summer course or work, summer course or work… What shall I study?…


This photo is from the North of Sweden. Best place to be in the summer and pick berries.

Summer course

So, yesterday Antagning.se anonced the lsit of summer courses. Of course I had applied to study some summer courses, well I was not that happy to see the list. I was accapted in one class only and on the waiting list for some other classes.
So, depedning on my work time table I might be able to study religious texts and analysis. This course has nothing to do with my education, it is more for fun and intressting. No harm at all to improve my knowledge about the main religions around the world. But let see how my work time table look like and also, if I can study something. Time to wait and see.
So most likely I won’t get much of summer break, but what to do, that is life!


elephants in the city


Can we not get the summer now? A summer with sun and the heat, beside the colds and chill winds. But, who know when it will arrive, also when the summer has arrived the heat might be unbearable for me.

Also, tomorrow I have to find a store to give my external hard disk for reparation because I want to my photos.
The photo with the elephants is one of the few photos I have left from my trip to London. Also, the hard-disk was my back up and now my back up has broke done… What shall I?