Starting to rethink again

Well, I was really happy to get the opportunity to study a summer course but now I am not that sure anymore if I should.
The reason is simple, either I study and earn less and most likely have some tricky months with our research paper. Or I can skip the summer course and work more, manage to complete the paper without any problems and study a course at Folkuniversitet instead.
So, I do not know. I would love to study religion, but may be it is not that great it is campus based. Oh I do not know.

Summer course or work more and study at folkuniversitet. I DO NOT KNOW. What shall I do?… Summer course or work, summer course or work… What shall I study?…


This photo is from the North of Sweden. Best place to be in the summer and pick berries.

Summer course

So, yesterday anonced the lsit of summer courses. Of course I had applied to study some summer courses, well I was not that happy to see the list. I was accapted in one class only and on the waiting list for some other classes.
So, depedning on my work time table I might be able to study religious texts and analysis. This course has nothing to do with my education, it is more for fun and intressting. No harm at all to improve my knowledge about the main religions around the world. But let see how my work time table look like and also, if I can study something. Time to wait and see.
So most likely I won’t get much of summer break, but what to do, that is life!


elephants in the city


Can we not get the summer now? A summer with sun and the heat, beside the colds and chill winds. But, who know when it will arrive, also when the summer has arrived the heat might be unbearable for me.

Also, tomorrow I have to find a store to give my external hard disk for reparation because I want to my photos.
The photo with the elephants is one of the few photos I have left from my trip to London. Also, the hard-disk was my back up and now my back up has broke done… What shall I?